What you see is what you get

It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World

Grumpy bingoWhat you see is what you get with me.  How I communicate online is how I am offline.  How I text is how I am.  I don’t communicate any differently.  Text is handy when you lose your other half in the store.  It’s handy when you are plotting you logistics.    But that sums it up.  It’s better than Twitter but not by much.

No I don’t like Twitter.  140 characters don’t tell me crap.   Will I follow your tweets?  Not unless you are ZayconFoods [Great deals on meat btw] Otherwise? Not enough interest to follow you off Twitter.

I communicate how I am. It should be an expression of how we are not anything else. I swear part of our problems today is we don’t effectively communicate. We are into the me me me me world. It’s boring. I just realized it is part of why I am so bored with this world at the moment. No, most are not that interesting to be in a me me me place. People are boring. There I said it. Down right boring. Every once in a while you find a good conversation but let me tell you it’s rarer than hens teeth. A good conversation talks more about things than yourself or other people. We forget what ideas and concepts are and focus on who won American Idol. YAWN. And then when we get into concepts and ideas, we freaking fight about it instead of having an intelligent interchange. Stupidity is NOT a virtue Like Charles Pierce’s book Idiot America says. But he wasn’t the one that convinced me of that. Steve Allen’s book Dumbth was the first one I found when I realized there was something very wrong.

I miss solid effective communication.  I miss exchange of ideas.  I really wish some days I could retrace my ancestor’s paths to America and go back to England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Wales, Scotland, Ireland… Yeah, I am a northern European Heinz 57.   I just want to have a good conversation with someone who isn’t a ranting, raving lunatic.   And that’s damn hard these days.

I miss good conversations.

PS.  Read Dumbth, it’s worth your time.


2 thoughts on “What you see is what you get

  1. I love this post. I agree we do not effectively communicate; people have too limiting a vocabulary to effectively communicate and yes, people are shallow also. People are boring (and I’m not saying I’m not) and I HATE having to explain what I ‘mean’ when I am speaking because, apparently, I use ‘big words’ or my perspective, ideas and concepts are to foreign. Good post. Oh, and there’s an ‘old’ book titled, THE DEATH OF COMMON SENSE.

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