I find it very very easy to be true.

I Walk the Line.
Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

Yes.  I do. I started on my own set of ethics when in school. The trigger was a Rodger Moore TV show or Movie. I think it was the Saint or the Persuaders. [The inclination is the Saint but…] The scene is simple, he is telling someone he has the last set of handmade ethics in the world. That was all it took. I was fascinated by ethics and wanted my own handmade set. Over the years, I built my own.   I recommend it otherwise you are a walking clone playing with a cell phone or some other gadget, just like every other cookie cutter clone out there.   No special snowflake for you.    Stop being so boring.  Build a character.

What are the principles?

Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe.  I can thank Granny for that one.  It’s not a bad one.  If you pay attention to which way your canoe is going, you don’t have time for everyone’s drama.  Your life will run better.  But then there are those who just have to be drama queens.  I can count the people I trust on one hand….  Thinking that over, on half a hand.   Love many.   I have practiced a capacity for kindness and compassion.  Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed.   I hope I succeed more than I fail.  That’s the goal.

Being understanding use to be one of them, but lately it has been pushed to the damn limits by fools, prattle and addlepated nitwits who seem to think they need to tell me their opinion of things so they can correct me.  Deary, I have spent a hell of a lot of time thinking about shit before I decide on something, the only thing those opinions can do is make me realize there are more addlepated nitwits who need to tell the world of what they think.    Repeatedly.   To the point of boring the world.   I’m short on patience these days.  Thank God, Facebook has a block.   If anyone else has to inform me of what the Bible says, I shall scream.  When they get a degree in Religious Studies and teach it also, I’ll listen.  They actually might make sense instead of rattling off some personal voodoo that makes them feel better about their Sordid Lives.

We seem to have an overabundance of damn fools. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” No, I can’t tell you who said it because everyone seems confused about the author of that quote from Abe Lincoln to Oscar Wilde to Mark Twain.  People just cannot keep their mouth shut and my patience runs short some days.

I had someone tell me I should remove all the Gay Rights/Gay Marriage from my Facebook page because she didn’t like seeing that on her wall.  “You should remove that because they are all going to hell.”   My wall is open.  It’s part of my author platform.  I post what interests me from cooking to Gay Marriage to gardening and money-saving tips.  And once in a while I vent about things like freakin’ SNOW… I HATE…  Oh, sorry. [ We had a 67F day yesterday and tomorrow is going to be 33F.  I’m losing it.]  Back to Gays are going to hell woman.   I think she friended me because of the games I play on Facebook.    I told her very politely, “But I am gay.  You may want to unfriend me.”  She did it in a snap and blocked me.  As if I was ever going to talk to her sorry ass again… Sniff.   If I want a religious fruitcake, I can go to Indiana on a trip and get some bigot telling me he makes more than enough money and he doesn’t want mine.   I never knew the economy was doing so well.  Turning away money…  That’s stupid when McDonald’s is losing money. If you want to cut your own throat, go head. Just don’t bleed over the rest of us.

I admit to being irritable.  Some fool lectured me on the bible using first the King James and then another version translated from the King James.  That isn’t even allowed in my classroom because of what a bad translation.  Do NOT argue with me when I tell you that translation is unacceptable for an academic standard.  You may use it for your personal life but do NOT bring it up  in an academic setting.  Find a better translation.  They are out there.

Thinking.  Fine.  A lot will swear they think.  There are thoughts running around their head.  “Can I beat my score at Candy Crush.”   “What can I make the kids tonight they will eat for supper?”   “Should I go out on a date with him?”  “That guy on the voice was…”   Those are thoughts but they are not thinking.   There is an art to thinking.  Education, and I mean real education not the trade school shit they pass off as an education, is a major part of my ethics.  It leads to thinking.   I know once you start thinking you can never go back, but it seems a lot of people need to learn to think.  Most don’t.  Let’s call it Critical Thinking.  It was taught in the one room school houses.  Today it isn’t even taught in most colleges.

Thinking is the construct, on which the rest of one’s ethics are built. If you don’t have that, you are a cookie cutter snowflake following behind anyone who comes along that you want to have a beer with. Get an education and I mean a good healthy dose of what they call Liberal Studies. It isn’t useless as you think.

If you don’t? This is what you get.


6 thoughts on “I find it very very easy to be true.

    1. Since my Facebook page is part of my author public forum, I friend anyone who asks. They will get money saving hints, recipes, garden tips. Label GMO rants, Ecology, Climate Change, support human rights and gay marriage plus sometimes my local area news, for example, there was a very bad train wreck at rush hour when the train hit an 84 year old driver’s car. They don’t really get much of me except for my interaction with my friends like Liexo and a few others. Today they would have been treated to a 20 line, I pushed you in the lake because you insulted my T-shirt dialogue [it’s a running joke] We generally have fun but don’t discuss anything important in our personal lives. I was lucky enough today to get a pm from a woman who spewed hatred in the name of God and Her Church. I blocked her and told her to see a therapist because what she thought was wrong inside of her really was and she needed some serious help because only my psych patients sounded like her. I have had the old Nigerian Scam artists try also but I usually play with them. They are such fun to draw out and report to Facebook as Fraud artists.

      1. I wonder if anyone was ever won over to an opposing point of view view Facebook. I’d guess not. I think it is more of a soapbox than a debate!

      2. Nah, but it sure started a lot of flame wars. One of my friends always says “Get the popcorn. I’ll get the soda.” It’s a way to save the admission price on a bad movie.

  1. I think you are what the Aussies would call a “stirrer.” I must admit I got that award one year myself at the school where I taught. I was so proud!

    1. 99% of the time, no. I’m not. There are some things I will not tolerate because they are central to me. My basic tenet is what you do with your life as long as you harm none. It’s your choice. Go for it. If you get your jollys doing it? Hey no skin off my nose. It’s when you screw up someone else I get riled. Especially if they are innocent of the shit that goes on in the other’s life. Like kids.

      It’s my Quaker Ancestry coming to call. I have enough Quakers in my father’s ancestry to start my own Meeting House. I always thought of them as the Quiet people until I took religious studies. Then I suddenly realized they are major shit stirrers and you aren’t going to stop them because they do it with the full conviction it is the right way to be. There is a reason the other religions hung them. Like Massachusetts when England threatened to revoke their charter and make them a Royal Colony if they didn’t stop hanging the Quakers. They will die for what is right. And as my mother pointed out to me repeatedly, I am “so damn stubborn I’ll cut my nose off to spite my face.”

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