Never American TV… British, Canadian and Australian, yes.

Third From the Top
Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

Do you realize how long it has been since I bothered with the Reader on here?  I hate the “New improved format” that requires me to work through a maze to get to your blog so I abandoned it right after they instituted it.  Hades, I don’t even remember when they did.  It was a shock to have to use it today.

I use FeedDemon, a free RSS reader.  Love it.  It even displays your blog in the reader if I want.  New Computer?  I install FeedDemon immediately.

From their site:

Assign your own keywords to items, making it easy to classify and locate articles you’ve previously read.

Tell FeedDemon to let you know when your keywords appear in any feed you’re subscribed to.

Search Feeds
Get alerted when your keywords appear in any feed, regardless of whether you’re subscribed to it.

Let FeedDemon automatically download audio files and copy them to your iPod or other media device.

It may not be supported anymore but the damn thing is a workhorse in Windows and blows that pathetic reader they have here out of the water.  It’s like my MasterCook 3.0.  I’m still using it because it works and the upgrades suck.

I also am a big fan of watching a lot of movies and TV specials and series.  As long as they are Canadian, British or Australian.    When I read that line I had to wonder about Mr Mayer.   Do you know how absolutely crappy American TV is now?

I watched NCIS.  I lose interest in the entire plot half way through now.  I tuned into NCIS:LA on Monday.  They  are starting the story arc of what’s his face, the cop one, being investigated by Internal Affairs.  I decided end of NCIS:LA because story arcs  suck.  Worse than the new reader on here and that’s saying something considering how much I abhor that damn reader.  At least the British do the right thing and make the story arc the story.  See the BBC version of Broadchurch.

I don’t even have a TV anymore.  I watch on the Net because all my shows are Canadian [God, I loved Cracked.  Why did they cancel Cracked?], Australian  [Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.  Puts that Jessica broad to shame.] or New Zealand [Brokenwood is coming back right?], and British [Bluestone 42 is the reigning champ.  NOOOO NOT NICK…  I don’t care what Sis says, that new ATO is a Prat and a Rupert.]

Now lets see… American shows…  Remember I live in Pennsylvania and our family arrived here before the Welcome with Penn’s Quakers.  [Well, the ones that were not waving hello to all the Fools coming over]    Okay, I love F Troop.  Wait.  That was the 60s.  Oh, I know.  Hill Street Blues.. oh that was the 80s.  Broadchurch… oh wait.  I watched the BBC one.  Nevermind.

I can’t tell you how many American shows I have started to watch and  clicked off or opened another tab  to surf the net.  I don’t think you can count that as watching.

If you want to know how to lose your reader in the middle of your book, watch American TV.  Boring stuff.  Contrived plots.  Can go out to the kitchen, cook a 20 minute meal, come back in and not have missed a damn thing.  You try that with a British show and see where that gets you, you’ll be bloody lost and floundering around for weeks until you catch up.

Come on. When an American show comes up with a story arc like Deets…  THAT IS HIS NAME.  Finally I remember it.   Having problems with Internal Affairs or Jethro being arrested, I take a powder until it is done and then I may or may not bother to watch the shows in the arc.  If they do it on the first or second show, I don’t do the series at all.  Why? Because they make it so damn boring and it doesn’t interlace well with the plot.  I always have the desire to slap the writers and say “Get a bloody move on and write and if you can’t write, get the hell out and let someone who can take the job over.”

You should NOT see the arc glaring at you from the text.  After you are done you should say “Oh shit.  Is that what it is?”  It hooks you but you don’t notice it and it works into the plot.  If you want a damn story arc that stands there like a drama queen at a drag show, write the damn story and let it stand alone.

There is a skill to story weaving with story arcs and they don’t have it.  And neither do most writers I see today.  Like the  writer who drags out the same story over 25 books because by damn they can’t write a second book or pound their character to death and their story line dies because they just wore out the money-maker.

Evanovich can’t plot to save her.  What sells is her jokes but she’s starting to repeat the same joke too much.  She’s now like King. She could write the worst damn book in the history of the world and someone will buy it and rant how wonderful she is.

Stabenow killed Kate for me with her last two books and she knows it because she left a cliff hanger.  It’s the old, “I’m out of story ideas so I’m dragging this on to another book so you can buy it and I can make money.”  Both are doing this to sell the next book.

It’s a damn shame because both are talented.  If they worked on their weak points or simply put the character to bed because they are worn out, it would be fantastic writing.

The TV shows are like that and I blame them for this trend.  They are bad.  And sometimes bad is bad.  Loosely connected plots with extremely bad storylines is all I see.  You don’t have gem moments, for example,  when the Detective and the cop with him plus Fanny’s maid and her drivers/investigators watch Fanny doing a fan dance. You realize she has no bra on [this is the 20s, people]  She flashes them.  The camera pans to their faces [you never see her breasts] and you get their full range of expressions.  I started laughing.   Instead in American TV you get paw moments and crawl in bed moments that pass as those gem moments.

It’s a damn shame.  I was glued to the TV when I grew up.  And  it got lazy and died.  Then I found British TV and you can bet I will be watching that Prat on Bluestone 42 next week.   I can’t say I will glue my butt to my desk chair for any American show.  And I need to see if Miss Fisher has been renewed.

Do NOT use American TV for plotting ideas.  Please, oh God, please don’t.  There is enough tripe around.  Please, take a look at the British shows.  You can find them in places like  or Hulu.


13 thoughts on “Never American TV… British, Canadian and Australian, yes.

  1. MIdsomer Murders, Poirot, Keeping Up Appearances, Touch of Frost, Inspector Morse, Doctor Who.. Just some fo the shows I love ro watch over and over on NetFlix and HuluPlus. 😀

    1. The only disadvantage to primewire is the popup ads but if you have a good browser and popup protector, you don’t even notice. I haven’t found Miss Fisher anywhere else and it is very well worth watching. It’s a nice strong female character who is comfortable in her sexuality, is accepted by the police and is damn good at her job. That’s rare. Most of them are twits.

    2. Oh yes… and watch Waiting for God if you can find it. The other half told me I was just like Diana. And the Other Half was just like Tom.

  2. I hate the Reader too. I actually didn’t like the old one any better than the new one. I go there if I need to change settings on blogs I follow. Otherwise, I get stuff via email and that fine, but I might try feed demon, just to see if it makes life easier. Otherwise, I suggest that there’s more than enough tripe coming off TV from ALL over the world. Our tripe is no more disgusting than anyone else’s. Sorry mate.

    1. I don’t open tabs or walk off into the kitchen and cook something when I’m watching the other countries. I do when I watch the American. That says something. The writing is just plain bad but then I prefer writing that draws you in and makes you have to pay attention.

      Okay. I checked my listing on TVMuse. There are 6 shows running currently that I watch the whole way through. They are not American. There are 2 shows I watch almost the whole way through [I’ve been known to go out to the kitchen and not pause] There are 3 I’ve stopped watching and walked away. And there are 2 I’ve stopped in the middle and just went to something else. Those are all American. The stats aren’t looking good. There is not one American show I watch the whole way through or is on the do not miss list. And the content really is lacking. I watched F Troop the other night. I laughed harder at them than I have an a sitcom in ages. The last “new great sitcom” I watched, I’m still waiting to laugh.

    2. Oh and I love FeedDemon. I can put blogs in categories. For example: Cooking and writing. Then I just click on the category. If I click on a feed, it automatically pops up and asks me if I want to add it to FeedDemon. Great little organizing tool as well as a reader.

  3. I don’t watch cable, but I do watch Netflix, and, damned if Game of Thrones isn’t the most amazing show I’ve ever watched in my entire life. I’m a total addict.

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