And not one tear will call it back

A House Divided

We are currently involved in a contest between GMOs and Non-GMOs. It’s more intense because some simply want it labeled and the companies are refusing to do that.

Before anyone jumps on the band wagon of GMO vs No GMO, the labeling issue is simple. Do you have the right to know exactly what your food is? Do you have a right to know what is in it? Do you have the right to make your own damn choice about what you personally want to do in your life [in this case consume GMOs or not]? The question is that simple. And if you don’t label it, you don’t know. I mean how hard is that.

But we have twits who run off at the mouth not thinking we aren’t dealing with banning them, which is another issue completely. Instead they lump label with banning and shoot off their mouths on something that isn’t even related to the basic issue of labeling. Not very bright are they? And I bet they would be the first to say “I have a right to know what I am eating and make my own choices about my food.”

Now that being settled because I think unless you are psychotic, we can all agree we need to know what is going in our mouths and we are all allowed to make our own choices on what we consume, let’s deal with the GMO issue.

The simple fact is we are reaching sustainability. At the point beyond that, you will be popping out too many kids to feed and water. Unless we get lucky and have a massive war, a nice long plague or some other intervention, we will be out of food and water for large numbers of the population. You want to see nasty fighting? Wait until you have nothing to lose because you are already dead. Better to die in battle than dying of thirst. At least you can take those who have it with you. All those kids past sustainability have one purpose, fueling the army that will fight. You are creating little terminators.

Major companies realize this. That’s why they are buying water rights up. You will have to pay for that free glass of water in the future. Never mind that they are ignoring that the army will come after their water first. Companies don’t think long range. They think profit. Dead, you won’t have much profit and there sure won’t be much to spend it on. You can toss in destabilization of the climate and we are really screwed.

The idea behind GMOs is to make things hardier [they claim… Actually it is because they can patent the damn thing and charge you if your crops cross pollinate with their GMOs]. The GMOs are a massive fail from any stand point. They are created assuming certain conditions. So like what happens if you don’t have those conditions?

It should tell us something when Russia, Europe and China are banning and burning GMO crops. And I hate to break your little heart, it isn’t because they hate America. Get over yourself.

GMOs can cross pollinate. This allows other crops to be contaminated.

Now here is my major problem with this, we have no clue what the long term effect of the GMOs are. Nature engineered our food over the existence of the earth and humans who have less brains that a wet rat, plunge ahead in the name of profit and create something that may have disastrous effects. And we don’t even bother to study it. Frankly, Monsanto saying that it studied GMOs is about as comforting as NAMBLA saying screwing a 5 year old boy is natural. It just is wrong on all levels [and I mean both acts.]

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– including Tom Colicchio, José Andrés, Art Smith and Sam Talbot – are urging members of Congress to support legislation to mandate labeling of genetically modified foods and to oppose efforts to block state GMO labeling laws.