Kitty’s Story

The townspeople waited on the court house lawn as the time capsule was opened,  100 years to the hour after it had been buried. As the lid came off they  surged forward a couple steps to get a better view.

Mayor Frye, the head chubby cherub as Sheriff Ray Stettler called him, reached in and grabbed the first object. Beaming at the crowd, he pulled it out of the large capsule. His wife screamed and fainted. The Mayor lost his smile. His expression became puzzled. When he looked at what he was holding, he screamed and fainted. The rotting head rolled toward the receding tide of the audience who were surging back to the sidewalks.

Silas turned to his old friend Whitman, “See I told you they were suited.”

Whitman nodded.

”Don’t guess that’s been in there 100 years.”

Whitman honored him with an answer “Yep.”

They watched the confusion from their perch on the courthouse balcony. Sheriff Stettler sent deputies to shoo stragglers back from the capsule.

Deputies Albright and Danner ran from the Sheriff’s office. Silas nudged Whitman and pointed to them.

Whitman nodded as they tucked their shirts in their clothes. “It might be they were just both using the bathroom.”

Silas bestowed him the look he  reserved for the guinea hens when they got themselves in a fix. “They seem do a lot of tucking in lately when they are alone together.”

Whitman didn’t bother to answer.

They both changed their focus when they heard Kitty say to the Sheriff, “Ray? That’s my husband, Matt’s earring I gave him for our wedding.”

Silas gave her credit. She didn’t scream and faint.

Ray pulled the  redhead against his side then called Homer over and directed him to take her to the Sheriff’s office.

Whitman indicated the decaying head, “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer man. He beat her something terrible even if she never said.”

Silas nodded. “Yeah. It’s a damn shame about her and Ray. They made such a pretty pair. His old man should have been shot for that.”

“You think she did it or Ray?”

“Damn it Whit, don’t you go there. Just don’t you go there. Matt was bad from the time he was little when I found him beating that puppy to death. He didn’t change much as he growed neither. He would have never had a chance with her except for…” Silas let it trail off as the state police pulled into the parking lot. “It’s gonna be a real mess and I guess they are both in some hot water. Trooper Johnston looks like he means business.”

They faded back into the courthouse out of sight.