Mac’s Hot Dog Part II.

Dan pulled the robe shut and tied the belt as he reached the front door. Opening it, he saw Will flushed dark red and Joe growling standing on Mac’s doorstep. “Oh, I guess you read the book”

“No shit.” Will pushed past him with Joe hot on his heels. “Where is the son of a bitch?”

When Dan glanced toward the bedroom door, Will pushed past him.

“Will wait.” Dan tried to stop him.

Joe picked Dan up and set him to the side. “Stay out of this. It’s between Mac, Will, and me.”

“Joe, please…” He didn’t finish when he heard the bedroom door slam open.

“Where the hell is he?” Will yelled.

Dan blinked. “Ah, In the bedroom?”

“No, he’s not.” As Will stormed back into the living room, they heard a car squeal out of the parking lot. Will ran to the door and out into the parking lot screaming. “Get back here you bastard!”

He whirled around he almost knocking Joe over.  “That… That… Coward!”

“Um. Will?”  Dan backed up as Will marched through the door.

“Do you know what he did?  Did you read this?” Will picked up a book and waved it under Dan’s nose.

“Yeah. It was good.  He can write.”

“He put everything in there.  I mean everything.  We… I… How could he?”  Will threw the book across he room.

“The sex was hot. I mean the blow jobs on the stake out were…”  Dan shut up when Will glared and Joe growled at him.

“Will.  After all he fictionalized…”  When Will’s head shook no, Dan hesitated then said, “He didn’t fictionalize it?”

“It has everything in it.  I am not lying.  Everything.”  Picking up the book, Will handed it to him then Will sank into the chair.  Joe pulled him against him.  “It was private.  It wasn’t for everyone to see. I… We…. Dan, it was private.”

Dan sank down on the chair arm and put his arm around Will’s shoulder. “I’m sorry.  I don’t think he thought of that when he was writing.  He was just telling the story.  I didn’t know until he handed me the book after it  published.  I don’t think he even realized that it would be published.  Will, it just got away from him.  He would never hurt you on purpose.”

“Yeah, Mac never did anything deliberately.  It always was an accident.”  The anger Will held fled and Will deflated.  He rested his head against Joe. Dan’s chest ached as he watched them.

Mac crept in the bedroom.  Dan rolled over.  “I’m awake.  And yes, they are gone.”

“He’s mad isn’t he?”  Mac sat on the edge of the bed and started to remove his shoes.

“More hurt than mad.  Mac? Did you have to write about the sex?”   Dan put his hand on Mac’s back.

Dropping a shoe on the floor, Mac said,  “I didn’t intend to put that in the book.  I was just…. I just wrote the story and I planned on rewriting that part but it got away from me.  I didn’t rewrite it before it went to the editor and then one thing led to another and well… it was in the book. I’m an ass.”

“That pretty well sums up what Will and Joe both think of you now.”

“I’m going to have to grovel aren’t I?”

“Mac, it’s going to take more than that.  You really hurt him this time.  Not that you haven’t hurt him before.”  Dan rolled on his back and pulled the covers up as Mac finished undressing and climbed into bed.

“I’m a fuck up.” Mac laid his head on Dan’s pillow.


“I don’t know why you love me.”

“I don’t know either.”

Mac sighed and put his arm across Dan then pulled him close.  Dan nuzzled his head against Mac’s.


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  1. I always said Mac was an ass. But still, he kind of grew on me. Sigh.
    What’s next ?

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