If you really cared…

In Loving Memory

It is regret today that we report the passing of Phil Harrison, author. It is at his request that we do not publish an obituary.

His statement was “If they gave a damn they will know I am dead from word of mouth and if they had wanted to see me, they should have done it while I was alive and not after I’m dead. If you come to a viewing, you just want to make sure I’m dead.” We deleted the final words. “So Bugger off.”

The carving on his memorial stone will include his name and date of birth and death along with the words “Been there, done that and starting another repeat.” This is significant because of his belief in reincarnation. His family vetoed the “If I wanted you to know I was dead, I would have called.” inscription.


10 thoughts on “If you really cared…

  1. I quote ” if they had wanted to see me, they should have done it while I was alive”. You can expect me this summer. And if you’re nice, I’ll even stay to shovel snow next winter.

    I’ll tag this inscription on your stone with spray paint if you really want it. In pink with green and purple polka dots. *insert evil grin here*

  2. And you think I am joking about the “If I wanted you to know, I would have called?” I rather like that. So does the kid. It makes a perfect grave stone inscription because how many times have you heard from someone at a cemetery “Oh I didn’t know he/she was dead.”

  3. Cameras in your shower ? What cameras in your shower ? I know nothing about cameras in your shower ! It wasn’t me !
    And don’t you dare touching them ! It took us hours to aim for the perfect angle….

    I’m getting back, I’m getting back….

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