A Certain Code of Ethics

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

Do you know how sucky I think auto block quotes are. If I seem more testy, I’m trying WP “New, Improved, Ugly-Assed, Shades of Depressing and hard to see for older eyes Blue, Annoying as all hell because of the number of clicks on that right hand bar, posting interface. Again. Piece of crap.  Well, I lasted until I typed Elvis Cole and then called it quits.  Why?  Every time I did a link, the damn thing reset itself to the beginning of the damn post.  And the tiny editor area with all those lack of controls in either visual or text.  What a hunk of junk and they are passing this off as “improved”.  Someone has been into the legal pot again.  Improved my ass.  Here have another brownie WordPress.  You should know that shit gives you the munchies and you make bad decisions when high.  You had to been high because no decent programmer or webmaster would call that improved or do you just think we are all that stupid?

Who would I LIKE to spend my time with? hum.. I actually like this one because it lets me pick who I want to spend my time with. We will auto assume the other half because since they are the other half, you spend time with them even when you want to murder them. Yes, murder, like when you tell them NOT to put the new sink right next to the damn back door which makes it a tiny hallway which means the refrigerator that you brought in through that back door can’t go back out through it because the damn hallway they created is too damn small and there are hanging cabinets on the other side of the damn sink. And no other door is wide enough for it to fit through. That sort of murder.

Or when you tell them that the large size toaster oven/breadmachine/oven/broiler at GoodWill is a good idea if something happens and they argue with you through the store over something you are paying $12 for and then when the oven takes a nose dive…

oh back to the topic… but that sort of stuck with them in case you wondered. Not that anyone ever does that.

Let’s see. It would be fictional characters of course. Humans tend to be boring. I really don’t care Sally Mae is dating that mechanic down at the Fix and Slop. Seriously, do not care.

First up would be the Leondros Brothers and the Puck from Rob Thurman’s books. Both of them appeal to me as does the Robin Goodfellow. I like Cal’s sarcastic wit mainly because I indulge in it too. I can also see myself saying the same things. I like Nic’s loyalty, dedication and strength. His dedication to working out doesn’t hurt either. And then Robin that over sexed Puck who will seduce anything that comes his way if it doesn’t crawl away quick enough. He’s seen history. The history of the entire world and his tales include that. While Cal might be bored and Nic sort of listens, I would be all ears.

Who knew one book series could take care of three of them.  Now who is next?  I had to think on this.  My favorite cookbook authors [we could have a blast in the kitchen.  I love to cook].   My favorite work out guru?  This is hard.   It goes back to fiction, I think.

I would have said Harry Dresden but the last couple books screwed him up so badly I won’t buy the books.  I keep taking a peek at them hoping and they keep sailing down the same damn road.

Markhat.  Yes, indeed.  Markhat.  He’s number 4.  Through 8 books, he has stayed true to himself and his morals and ethics.  Heck I don’t even mind his relationships because they aren’t annoying twits of a female.  And his flashbacks to the  troll war are fantastic and well done.  We could be two old men having a shot together and talking.  I would be comfortable around him.   Frank Tuttle’s site is a bit out of date but it gives you an idea of his work and the main thing is he keeps writing.  That sort of thing is important for a blog hater like me.  I would rather write than blog.

And in last place, it takes even more consideration.   Doc FordSerge Storms.  Joe Pike and Elvis Cole. Jack Reacher [and not the wannabe pathetic movie version]. Sharpe. Burke By now you should be seeing a pattern that fits my personality. I could spend time with anyone of them and it would be comfortable.

I guess the last would be Joe Pike. Again because of who he is. He’s loyal and ethical even when it goes against what society wants. He’s good. I understand him. Pike is just.. well Pike. And I understand those tattoos.

Each one would be someone I would spend time with because of who they are and what they are. Their conversation wouldn’t be boring. [Okay. I admit it. I just want to feed Serge coffee and watch him go off] I understand them It would be very comfortable for me and I wouldn’t have to deal with “Sally Mae is seeing the mechanic from…”


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  1. OK, I haven’t even gotten through your first paragraph and I’m cheering already.
    Now,…I’ll read the rest.

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