Intrusive much?

Plead the Fifth

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

Well, there was always Aunt Edna.  She is the master of rude questions and intrusiveness.  When I had to learn the definition of intrusive, all I had to do was picture her.  The woman called my nephew’s girlfriend who she had never met and asked her if my nephew had bought her a ring yet.  When the girlfriend said no, Aunt Edna told her she better hurry up and asked why didn’t she make him buy her one.

Nice woman right?  I think we covered her loony behavior before.

The one question I hate to hear is “Are you dating someone?”  Seriously people, if I have one I want you to know about, I’ll tell you.  You don’t have to ask.  And you have the nerve to be uncomfortable after I tell you no?  What did you expect?  I made it clear that even though we are going on three years, I’m in no hurry after the death of my other half.  I am doing what I need to do for me. I’m not a spring chicken.

Those hormones don’t rule my life anymore.  Sex is nice but can be more trouble than it is worth.  Besides you don’t have to be in a relationship or dating to have sex.  Just a fact of life.  If you had to be in love before you dropped your drawers, we would have a few less problems in the world.

Companionship?  Seriously?  I get up when I want.  I do what I want when I want.  I cook what I want for meals [it’s getting close to supper time…].  I am the master of all I survey and my life.  And you think I need companionship?  Someone to talk to?  I’m the best damn company I could have.

Do you remember how hard it is to adjust to another human in your life?  I seriously worry about those who can’t do without someone to share their lives.

I miss the other half.  I miss the conversations.  I miss our life.  But I don’t need those things to survive.  It allows me to value it for what it was, something precious not something I need because part of me has a hole in it.  It was a wonderful beautiful gift and I treasure every moment of it  [Even when we were fighting.  We fought like two old married people from the day we moved in together.]

And no matter how often I tell them “I’m not looking”  every time we talk, they still ask the same damn question.  Yeah, right… it could be only because they care but if they cared, they would hear what I am saying about the situation and stop asking.

I figure someday I’ll crack and say “No, are you?”  Answer “But I’m married”  Me:  “So? That never stopped you before.”   [and yes, I hope their husband or wife is in the room.]  Hey if they don’t care enough about me to hear what I’ve said the last 15 times I’ve said it, the relationship isn’t worth keeping.


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