Free at last!

Last Words

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

One last blog post… sigh.  Wonderful.  I mean it isn’t a chance, I would have to be forced to write the damn thing.  I hate blogging.  On that note…

This is the last post I will do.  Why is simple. The books take up all of my time and are selling so well that the blog is now a drain and not part of my platform.  I gather most would prefer my fiction to the blog.  I know I sure do.

It’s been a while and many books have gone to press.  Universes developed and all that good shit.  Somethings haven’t changed… sort of…  My own Ethan [see Just One Look] is firmly installed in my kitchen.  He’s busy working on the steaks for supper as I write this.  The cat is no longer a needy kitten, she’s now a needy old fart.  I sit in front of my stone fireplace that’s blazing happily as I write this.  My large cup of coffee is in front of me steaming.   It’s been good.

I’m not any younger. That’s not going to happen in this lifetime.  I’m off the grid now except for transmitting this and anything I need involved with writing but I can cut the cord at any time without a problem.  Our kitchen garden and our garden have both become a reality just as my barn has become one also.

All and all? It’s not been a bad journey.  It’s not often one does what one wants in life.  Most of us make excuses and do what we feel we “must” do.   In the end?  No one is very happy.  Not us nor the person we are trying to “make happy” by doing what we must.

I’ve always done more or less what I wanted to do. Do I have regrets?  Yes, mainly that I didn’t do some of the shit sooner.  There are very few other regrets because I caught on quick that if I wasn’t happy no one else would be happy.

I’m still going to write but now you must find me in my book.  You have had your glimpse of me in this blog and now it ends.

The one thing I must say is thank you for reading.  Without you I wouldn’t be here, dear reader.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On a side note?  This new editor is the most counter intuitive shit I have dealt with in a long time.  Who the hell thought this was a good idea to “Upgrade”?   It puts me in mind of Windows 8 which holds the title of Worse than Vista.  WordPress?  Get your shit together.


5 thoughts on “Free at last!

  1. Agree about WordPress and MS8.1…and the new Skype!!! Hate it. You can choose to use classic WP which I have selected to do…

      1. I know. I do, too. The only part of the new one I like is the way they do categories and tags, but I’ve never figured out how to center or change typefaces or size in the new editor…All in all I get tired of change for change’s sake. Then eventually I get used to it and forget my gripes. But I will never understand why they changed Skype. Absolutely impossible to use!!! No toolbars–just a scavenger hunt to hit the right invisible place on the screen every time I want to do anything. And no place to change your status that I can find. Rave, rave…

      2. I don’t use Skype. I use Google Voice and they put it in with that hangout shit. I hate hangouts. I don’t use them. So I went and found a cell phone that works off WiFi and doesn’t charge you when you are using the WiFi. Don’t they understand that people will leave? I mean you can’t keep all of them but they should at least try very hard not to be royal screw ups and to make sure shit is user friendly.

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