Self Sufficient was always the plan.

A Plot of Earth
You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

Self Sufficient was always the plan.  Ever since I was old enough to understand that my Grandfather was a farmer.  The only things we bought were the things we didn’t grow.  And since my Grandfather was farming since around 1910 before that he grew his own transportation.  Horses.   They bought clothes and tools they couldn’t make.  That was about it.

My mother didn’t notice the depression as a teen.  To quote her “Things didn’t change for us.”    Pennsylvania was not the dust bowl and nothing changed for farmer or the community here.  You always had your land to fall back on.  In my area you aren’t judged by the size and furnishing of your house, your job or any other normal status symbol.  You are judged by how much land you own and if you own land.  You see we still understand the land will keep you.   I think it is probably a hang over from our ancestors here.  They came seeking land from Scotland and Ireland and Germany.  We were heavy Scottish.  McCoy, McCullough, Bruce, Laird, Kirk, Scott were our names.  We kept those clan values and those who married in were assimilated into that.  If you move in, you will never be accepted but if your kids are born here, they are part of the clan.   As I said about one person, he may be an idiot but he’s our idiot.  Best not say anything about him unless you are one of us.  The first thing you will be asked is who your parents are.  As soon as I said my Granddad’s name, they knew we belonged.  And my other half might have had the misfortune to be born in Centre County but they knew that qualified for membership because their ancestors came from the same stock as us.  A neighboring Clan as it were.

You give me the land and I have the plan.   First move my entire house there.  No I don’t mean build a house.  I mean move the house that was built in 1800 to that land.  Intact.  Build a barn.  Build a Green house.  Put in a couple large ponds.   Start an Heirloom Orchard.  And grow things.  Plants and animals.  All Heirloom.  All Organic.  Just like Granddad did in 1900s.  My land.  My life.  It’s always been in me right along side the part of me that is the Cop.   I guess that is where Joe from Standing Stone gets it.  The other half and I joked about llamas eating his lace curtains.

Why Organic and why Heirloom?  Because those plants were developed over centuries.  And I don’t trust science completely.  Why?  Because it is only as good as the people preforming the experiments.  And they can be bought.  We are seeing that now with untested GMO modified products coming on the market.   They don’t know exactly what the long-term effect is but they are doing it anyway because companies are greedy.   No they do not do what is best for the world.  They do what is best for the profit.  The rest be damned.  Let me tell you when you run out of world?  All the profit isn’t going to matter.  That’s why I like reincarnation.  That says when it all runs out? Those who caused it will be right in the middle of it.   Karma baby.  Self meeting self.  It’s a bitch.

And on top of that?  They just damn well taste better.  Cardboard God Knows What from the grocery store or a vine ripe heirloom that you picked just that morning cut up in your salad?  I know which one I’ll take.  I have NEVER seen a grocery store tomato become butter soft.  Tomatoes do become butter soft.  You will never see it if you don’t eat homegrown.  The taste at that stage is indescribable.  It is sheer delight.  But if you go to the store?  You get hard cardboard looks pretty does strange things and doesn’t taste a thing like what it should.   I had organic bananas.  Oh my god, it was the bananas I remember from my youth.  And I’m 56.  Which tells you how long this shit has been bad.

I will eat well and live well.  I will know peace.  All I can want is within those lands you gave me.  Food.  Peace.  Contentment.   I can write.  I can garden.  I can plant.  It’s what I knew growing up.  It’s what I want again.  The world can go on without me because quite frankly, all the shit you do to make up for it?  Is totally boring.  A big Yawn.  oh yay team crap.   Not interested.

Give me my writing and give me my land.  I am with my land and my clan.  I’m happy.



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  1. My grandmother was a farmer’s wife for most of her life. My mother didn’t inherit any kind of skill with the land, and me and my siblings tend to kill anything we try to grow. I envy you the know-how, and the physical strength and stamina for it

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