I’ll take the Island as long as it’s hot.

The damn snow plow just went again. We aren’t as bad off as New England but still, I’m sick of this crap and then next fool that says “I really want snow” might have a problem with a large lump caused by a snow shovel. The cold doesn’t help my sweet mood and I’m not getting crap done writing but I’ve pretty much put that on hold until we have a heat wave of 30F. Sandwiched between the electric mattress pad and blanket seems is the place to be now.

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick? Five a Day

Not a problem. It’s tropical right? Not a problem at all. Send me pictures of New England. I’ll laugh then go bury my toes in the sand and wish for a cool breeze. [I mean come on. I’m clutching my Zippo handwarmer as I type this.]

Food.  Okay first you need to define food.  Are we talking single item ingredients or a dish because both qualify as food.  And it makes a vast difference.   Since you didn’t specify again, [really you think whoever was doing these questions for posting would get their act together by now.  I mean they can’t find a new clueless intern for every day of the year..]   I  pick dish = food.  If you don’t like it, you should have made the question more specific.

First up is the Blackberry and Cream Stuffed French Toast. It was on Facebook today and I fell in love. I adore French Toast, Blackberries, and cream. It’s a winner. And the picture left me drooling.

Second is Ham Pot Pie. No not that stupid little Ham Pie. I mean good old-fashioned Amish style Ham Pot Pie. I could live on that. Granny’s recipe though. The one I linked to isn’t hers and no I won’t give it out. Richly Stewed Ham with thick soft square-shaped pot pie noodles that when done properly is like silk on the tongue.

Third? Liver. Oh bite me. Yes, I like liver. I didn’t for years. Well, until I was in college. Their horrible rendition of Liver won me over because it didn’t taste a thing like liver. Heck, I couldn’t figure out what it was for almost a whole semester. They didn’t put it on the menu. Finally before Summer break, they listed it. That wonderful beef jerky tasting meat was liver.

Now it gets a bit harder for the fourth. You can’t consider Coca cola a food I suppose so… Egg Custard Pie… Mom couldn’t make it. It was always Pudding Pie using a chocolate pudding mix but then she couldn’t make seafoam either. I always thought seafoam was flat and white like a melmac plate [and about the same consistency]. It wasn’t until I was in the Navy that I found out what seafoam was supposed to look like. We had some wonderful pie makers in the area and that’s how I tried and found out I loved egg custard pie. I just never got enough of it.

Fifth Red’s Diner Chef’s Salad. They tell you the house dressing [don’t be a fool… order the house dressing] is just a little vinegar and oil. Horsepucky. It’s more than that. It’s like asking them for their Fried Chicken recipe. They just roll it in some corn flakes [my arse… I would love to have that recipe]

I could survive nicely on those 5 things. Now if you wanted to know what 5 food ITEMS I would take, that would be a different story but they didn’t ask for food items. I know loopholes when I see them and I do use them. You all have fun with your carrots. I’ll be over here with my Ham Pot Pie and Egg Custard.


2 thoughts on “I’ll take the Island as long as it’s hot.

  1. I was more concerned about whether this island was going to be warm too! Getting ready for a cold, cold night in Ohio.

    1. I know what you mean. They had said a high of 8 for today for us. And winds of 20 to 30 miles an hour. I’m watching the Rev’s lawn flag and it’s barely moving. And we are at 11 so they upped it to 14. However they are saying 44 for Sunday. All I can say is they better be right because Monday is suppose to put us right back in this crap again. I’m so sick of this. I’m holding out for March 7th and 51.

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