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If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Oh that’s easy and there is no debate about the answer. I didn’t have to think it over. I would go with reading other blog posts. Hands down.

I stated I never wanted to do this but as an author, you are pushed to have a blog so others can read your writing. It’s a tad silly because I’ve seen some fairly shameful author blogs and some very boring author blogs. The author would be better off not writing them. And some of the authors suffer from foot in mouth disease. You know the ones.

Even famous authors do it. Well… no famous authors don’t pick fights with reviewers or scream at the trolls/bullies on their blogs but they do equality as bad. If you missed some of their Foot-in-Mouth, take a look at John Grisham and his defence of his buddy jailed for Child Porn. What the defenders of Grisham missed and Grisham didn’t state that the porn found on his buddy’s computer include children under 12 and the man SHARED them. [and I’m sorry but you can’t tell me a lawyer doesn’t know to look into something before running off at the mouth so it begs either the man is a very stupid, very bad lawyer or he knew and didn’t think the sexual abuse of little girls was important] That’s a pretty big screw up. But the man did that in an interview with a International base.  Maybe it is a good thing his “blog” is all sales pitch.

But we are suppose to blog. Wonderful. Excuse me. I need a double shot of vodka.

It doesn’t show you if I can write or not because I write fiction. What you see here is non-fiction. By the nature of the beast my writing is different. You may like my blog and hate my fiction or you may hate my blog and love my fiction. It’s different. It doesn’t show you who I am but then just reading my fiction doesn’t show you who I am either. It shows you glimpses of me more so here than in my fiction. When I write fiction, it is their world not mine so I should be absent from the story.

Reading blogs is more important to me. I have writing blogs I read on a daily basis. I do write here about writing but only when you piss me off royally. Like last night when I read a book that praised her “wonderful” editor in the front. Honey? If she ain’t screwing the author, I’m not sure why that editor was wonderful. I hope she didn’t pay her. In the first page, I had to sort out one sentence that had a glaring dangling modifier then a couple pages in was a sound alike word that used the wrong spelling. I was on page 20 when the silly broad wrote, “That’s my queue to leave.” Anyone one see what is wrong with that sentence. 10 points on your “I’m good” scale if you do.

She didn’t encourage me to seek the services of her “wonderful” editor. In fact I saved her name so I never work with her. LEARN HOW TO WRITE and FIND a DAMN EVIL EDITOR . I have one of my own. You don’t want one that you want to be BFFs with. You want one that you write letters or emails to that says things like“when I split an infinitive, God damn it, I split it so it will stay split” You want editors who challenge and correct you and at times piss you off.

Blogging is not my thing. It will never be my thing. I don’t aspire to be a Super-Blogger. No interest in it at all. In fact the only reason you got lucky today and saw a post was because I saw something that appealed to me on the daily prompt.

Yeah there will be fiction stuff on here also. The blog is simply to show you what I am. So does my wall on Facebook. I share things that I am interested in as a person. Don’t expect to find much about my writing on that wall. It’s open to the public so don’t expect to find family stuff on there. Family stuff is for the home, not a Facebook wall.

I put the writing stuff on my Facebook page. That is where you find links to stuff about writing and even stuff about my books. Why did writing that make me think of George Carlin’s Stuff.

I guess that sums it up. The blog is part of my stuff and it’s stuff I wouldn’t be doing if I didn’t have to do it. I have no burning causes. I have no great drive. It’s simply a way to let you into the window on my world and my stuff.


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  1. What’s the name of that author’s edior? 😀 It’s amazing how many ebooks i read that have gone through an editor and ends up looking like nothing was fixed. I always have problems deciding what to blog about, so decided using excerpts form mhy fiction is a good substitute. 😀

    1. Not sharing that on the blog. It’s glaring and a good reason you look at the editor’s work before you pay them or tell your publisher you are happy with them. I would raise a stink. I will tell you the publisher is eXtasybooks

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