There ain’t much Ick in my life

Embrace the Ick
Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits.

Maybe there isn’t much ick in my life because of what I use to do for a living. You get use to ick. There are things that can make me throw up. In fact I just gagged thinking about the one thing and that was back in 1983. It’s beyond ick so I won’t share it here. Let’s just say there are some things that tea is NOT suppose to be made of. The person doing it was mentally ill. She was in a State Hospital. Unless you plan on spending the rest of your life in a State Hospital, you don’t want to embrace this ick. Oh it wasn’t the only reason she was in there but it was one of her symptoms.

There are things I don’t like to do but I’ll do it when I have to do it. I’m a sympathy vomiter. I didn’t use to be one. The other half was one but somewhere along the line, we swapped and I became the sympathy vomiter and he took one of mine. This is what happens when you are married long enough. The strange thing is it isn’t the ick factor. I don’t even feel ick.

The ick seems to be all in the head. I think fish is ick but that’s because I hate the taste of fish. I made Salmon Oriental for the other half one day. The person who gave me the recipe said even the fish haters loved this because it didn’t taste like fish. I used fresh wild salmon for it. He took one bite and proclaimed it the best salmon he ever ate. [I can cook my ass off] I took one bite and threw down my fork saying in a very disgusted voice, “IT TASTES LIKE FISH.” The reply I got as he took another bite was “Might that be because it is fish?” He had two helpings of fish and I had extra asparagus. My guess is she didn’t have fish haters, she just had people who never had fish prepared properly for them. Me? I hate fish. You serving it? I’m going to McDonalds and I’m not overly charmed by their food. Fish? Ick. I’m waiting for the Fish that tastes like Filet Mignon.

That’s about as close as I get to Ick unless you are talking the type that pet fish get. And I haven’t seen that for years since I gave up fish as a hobby. Ick is all in your head. It also is a very stupid word but I’ve noticed a lot of stupid words around like Ewww. I don’t know many grown men who use the word Ewww but M/M Female writers seem to use an abundance of that. It makes me want to say “Seriously?” and bitch slap the author.

Okay. That’s it. That’s my ick. Female writers who think they can write M/M and have no damn clue. And they wonder why Gay men don’t read them [unless they want a laugh]