It’s Freaking Cold, I can’t see the soil and I wish it was raining.

Free AssociationWrite down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home: FREAKIN COLD

. . . soil: Can’t see it

. . . rain: God, I wish it was
Use those words in the title of your post

Of course that sort of sums up the entire Northeast now. I’m lucky. I’m in South Central PA, We are only going to get slightly buried. I can’t believe my mailman is actually running. No one else is. It’s freaking cold and snowy out there. But we are better off than NY and New England are going to be.

I hate snow. When I was younger, I actually liked it. No more. It makes old bones hurt. It’s a bitch to clean up after. It looks good for all of 10 minutes and then it goes to hell. I HATE snow. I use to think people who went south for the winter were crazy. I understand them now. A nice warm tropical island where I can sit in the warm sun and write would be heavenly. I do have to remember to write a NYT best seller. Here I sit, looking at that white shit out there and wondering how fast that crap will melt. I HATE SNOW. I said that didn’t I?

I have my fingerless gloves in my pockets. I have my Zippo handwarmer going full blast and I’m wondering where I can put that nice gas fireplace for next year. On the bright side, I got to watch a tractor pull the brand new white pickup truck that goes down the road and through town at 85 mph in a 40 mph zone through town. His front end is smashed in. That’s what you get for driving like a moron on a slick snow-covered road. We all knew he would do it someday. Today was his day. I won’t hold out hope he learns how to drive and starts leaving for work early instead of 1 minute before he is suppose to be there.

I am sick of cold, snow and January. I think every stupid person that whined they wanted snow should be forced to dig out the rest of us. That will shut them up. About the 45th sidewalk, they are going to hate it as bad as we do.

I will say it does beat last years shit and the frozen pipes. I am eternally grateful for that. But I would be happier if it was… oh… say… at least 65F.


One thought on “It’s Freaking Cold, I can’t see the soil and I wish it was raining.

  1. I’m one of people who whines for a decent snow. But I don’t dig us out, I have a guy that plows my driveway and my husband shovels only what we need for walking the dog. The rest I get by stomping the snow down with my snowshoes. See? No problem! 🙂

    I must admit, though, when spring comes and it’s still snowing it makes me want to cry. I really only want one or two decent storms, and then no more.

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