Get me a shovel, they are all dead.

First the new navigation system on WordPress?  Really REALLY sucks the big one.  I have to do a tap dance to get to where I used to get in one click.  Not sure why they did something that stupid but it seems stupid rules these days.  The dumber you are…  I mean really dumb…  Like the unedited book a company just published but then what do I expect from porn trying to hide behind the Erotica label.  I finally worked out my rating system on Calibre.  I can now rate books from -10 to 10.  I love it.

Oh yes.  Back to the prompt.

What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

I would have to do some digging… literally. Who I would want to talk to is Stephen Cannell and Ed McBain.

It’s a two-part why.   Why is because they were both amazing writers and because they were interesting people when you listened to them [see Cannell’s videos and McBain’s writings, Gertie].  They made me curious.  What made them what they are?  Who are they?

I know them by their writing but I want to know them as people.  Okay… the real reason is I think I would enjoy knowing them.  I’m hard pressed for people who seem interesting enough these days for me to want to know them on a personal level.

We are becoming hard pressed to find writers who can actually write and not blather.  Those who show their skill by drawing us into the character not just the plot.  Plots are boring.  Well, okay so plots are vital but if you have a great plot and a boring character, you have a boring book.  And yes, you can have a boring plot and a great character and have a boring book.   It’s the character that draws us back because we want to get to know him.  We want to invite him [or her] home for tea and a nice chat.

Those two could write those books.  And they were interesting.  Beats this grey dull world we live in where we manufacture the next great drama that everyone else with half a brain simply yawns over.  We aren’t interesting when we do that.  We are pathetic.  You become interesting by doing things to become interesting.

Interesting is a combination of Intelligence, Learning, and Life.  Sadly we tend to underutilize that least one of them if not all of them.  Ditto heads are boring.  Trenders following the latest style are boring.   People who don’t use the brains the good Lord gave them are boring.   These men were not boring.

I can create a list of people I would love to sit down with and chat.  Strangely?  99% of them are dead.  It begs the question why is these generations so grey and boring.  I have no clue but it seems to lack a vitality that previous generations had.  Vitality leads to interesting.

I guess I’ll have to wait until I die for my good chats.


3 thoughts on “Get me a shovel, they are all dead.

    1. Yeah.. well.. The last book of his I liked was Salem’s Lot. The only thing I want from him is for him to serve the tea and stand quietly in the corner.

      Seriously? That’s what Plot is. You have a What if… You then throw stones at the character on his way to the answer and at the end, you have the answer. Or not. But the character has to make a fundamental decision about himself at the end if you don’t have the answer.

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