Audience of One? Right.

We won’t even have that if WordPress keeps doing the shit it’s doing. I clicked on the first link on the page. Here is what I got:
Daily Prompt FAIL

You see, The blog no longer exists but with the new improved Daily Post/ Daily Prompt system, this is what visitors see first. That doesn’t encourage another click.

[If you are wondering what you see?  It’s Kubuntu a free OS.  All the programs you see on it are free.  It didn’t cost me a dime.   Oh and there are a lot more programs than this.  Those are just the ones I use the most.  Ignore the penguin.  He just wanders around the dock doing strange things for my amusement.  He’s free too.]

So when they ask:  Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.  All I can think is we will be bloody lucky if ANYONE reads our blogs from their site.  Makes you wonder why you are wasting time doesn’t it?

But the letter… yes.

Dear Reader,

I hope you have stayed to read my blog.  More than that I hope you have enjoyed it and I entertained you.  You see it is my writer’s blog.  I write.  Not a blog. Well, yes, I guess I do write a blog because after all you are here but it is not what I write.  You see if you click the icon on the right side top, you will go to my website.  I write books.  Currently Standing Stone is resting before the last pass and I send it to the Evil Editor.

It is my sincere hope that for a few moments of your life, I can entertain you.  I have no other purpose, well, unless I am pitching a bitch about WordPress and you just may find that informative and entertaining both.  Or not.

The blog is part of me.  I am what I am.  I don’t pretend to be something I’m not so I can sell you books.  I do hope they entertain you.  They did my Betas.

I write because I write.  No other reason.  I’ve been writing since, well, since I realized I couldn’t be a priest because we weren’t Catholic.  I couldn’t be Amish.  I wasn’t going to inherent Granddad’s farm.  And ranching was out.   I wanted to be a reporter.  No not like Woodward and Bernstein.   Sort of like a Year of Living Dangerously. But Jill Bryant needed to be Jim Bryant. Yeah, I’m gay.

Anyway,  Woodward and Bernstein came along and screwed that up.  So it was writing a book.  My class prophecy was “Will be living in Virginia writing is 5th best seller”  I got sidetracked.  Went in the Navy.  Worked with the Criminally Insane.  Little things.

My books are about gay men. Why? Because I got tired of changing pronouns when I read a book. She would become he and the hero would of course stay a he. You grow tried of mentally rewriting a book all the time. And besides, Female characters do not Gay men make. There are quite a few M/M writers who need to understand that also. Shudder.

My main purpose is to entertain. Perhaps you will leave with something and perhaps you will not. But at the least, I hope for these moments, I have entertained you.

Phil Harrison

PS: If you came by way of Daily Prompt, I apologize for the dead crap which I have no control over.


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