The New WordPress trend “Click more. See Less.”

I’m not happy.  The last time I was not happy, I walked out.  I went to and my own hosted site.   I was much happier then except for the fact I had to deal with hackers.  Moronic hackers but hackers still the same.    So I moved the blog part back here because it reduced the number of hackers on my site.

However is still on the same path.  It seems the overriding desire is to make WordPress harder to use instead of easier.   One of the basic rules of websites is fewer clicks.  You don’t want to make your visitor click all over the damn place to find something.   It use to be I would go to my reader, see something I liked and click then I was on the blog at the article.  Snap.  Easy in one click.   Then they improved [read F’d up] WordPress. Instead on one click I have to click and click and click and click and… Well you get the picture. Frankly I don’t bother chasing your blogs anymore unless I see something exceptional that I feel I must read. I’m pretty sure since most surfers are lazy, we are all doing the same thing.

You see what WordPress is doing is trapping you into your reader and not letting go of you without work. I’m not sure what the idea is for this plan unless for some strange reason they want to keep people in the reader. But they aren’t making money at it so my only guess is they are stupid when it comes to web design.

Today, I go to reader, see an interesting article. I click. Up pops a pop up with the article. But I already decided I wanted to see the article ON THE BLOG. That’s why I clicked. IF I only want to see your article, I’ll use your RSS and put you in a reader. I use FeedDemon [it’s free people] and when that won’t work any more, I’ll find another. I’m sure as hell not going to bother to come here to visit. Not when one click on the desk top can give me an up-to-date feed of all the blogs I am interested in. If I am only seeing you in reader, I only see ONE of your articles which means you lose blog traffic. Screwing you aren’t they? Since I want to see your blog and possible previous articles, I have to click again. Finally I am on your page and I may stay longer and surf your site for what you offer but with reader, I never get the chance and you lose out on traffic. Plus they lose out on advertising. Hey what can I say WordPress doesn’t like money. Isn’t that grand?

I may never come back or I may unfollow you because that article is dull. It may have simply been a one-off but they are asking me to evaluate you entire blog on what I see in reader. And if you recommend friends? I don’t see them. They never get any traffic so what good is linking? That also means if anyone linked to you? I don’t see it when I read in a reader. You are screwed for traffic.

So now not only am I clicking like hell to see what I want to see but you are losing traffic. New and improved right?

And now they screwed with the Daily Prompt.  They are reusing the old prompts.  Now this is not a bad thing but the way they are going about it is bad.   Most of us who blog use this to attract new readers.  Hopefully they will surf our blog.   Well, the only problem is it doesn’t show in their reader any more so you either have to bookmark it or click on Daily Post and go through the  “Click, Click, Click” then search, search, search shit to find it.  No one knows it’s there just by using their reader.  Wonderful.

Just wonderful.  For example today’s prompt.  In Good Faith. It has 159 links when I checked. The first ones are to June 14, 2013. That’s old on any blog. You NEVER put your old work first and make someone dig through it to find the newest, most relevant content. There is no way I can even tell the page to show me the newest first. That’s bad planning.

Then the first posts are the old post with dead links interspersed among them.  I clicked on the first one in one of their “new” old prompts.  What did I get?  A message that this blog is no longer in existence.   My old posts that I removed are gone.   My computers crashed before I could transfer them back here.  Since they insist on dating the URL of posts here, they will never exist again for those daily prompts.   If someone isn’t aware this is what they did?  After the first couple dead links, they aren’t going to bother any more.  And frankly scrolling through 198 links at the bottom sucks as a way to find something you are interested in.  Why bother?

So much for attracting new readers to your posts.

New and improved WordPress, it ain’t.  And I haven’t even gone into how sucky the new posting system is for some of us.  Let alone the screwed up stats [thank God for psst? It’s free and works on blogs here. An easy to use. For example, it says I had two visitors today. Go Stats tells me it is 15 and tells me what they visited and all sorts of good information that WordPress’ stats doesn’t.]

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the PIA Russian/Eastern Block/China/Korea/Middle Eastern/Kansas City Hackers, I would be out of here.

[oh and if you don’t think posting and Gostats is important?  According to Gostats, my count has jumped to 32 since I posted this from 15 and it is a fresh post.  Post = readers.   Better stats = Gostats. Lose that WordPress lame stat shit.]

Update:  it’s 22:29 my time.  WordPress stats tell me I have had 5 visitors today to my blog [sob… hysterical crying… right?]  Well, I just went to Gostats. What it shows me is this:

Unique visitors 41

It’s a slow day. But then I didn’t post until late and it’s a Friday. Days you post matter if you didn’t know that. And I’m sure because if I click Last Guests at the bottom of the page, it gives me a list of who visited and more info about them.


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    1. It’s frustrating when they ignore basic good webmaster behaviour. It’s pounded into our heads by every site there is as well as other sites that tell you how to make your blog/site user friendly and make people want to come back. The bad thing with, we are stuck with what they want to do and can’t fix it like we can on If it wasn’t for the hackers, the blog would be on my website but has some nasty holes that I am not willing to take the risk with.

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