It was a toss up today of shirk an assignment or not

The Daily Post has Daring Do. Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail? Which sounded really good until I realized they were recycling a post from 2013.  Right.  Moving along.

And honestly, it’s boring. Why? Because of who I am.  And this sort of brings in the assignment of Introduce Yourself over in Blogging 101.   Who I am is the person who runs toward the burning building.  Firemen do it, cops do it, prison guards do it, military personnel do it.  It’s who we are.  If we aren’t that?  The rest of us will make short work of you because we can’t depend on you.  You don’t earn the title of brother by just joining up.  You earn it with battle scars.

In my last post, I told you a little of what I did for a living.  I’ve always worked acute care.  My speciality is Crisis Intervention/Prevention.  I’m the one who tries to talk them down.  The job varies but in all cases you have to be able to reach inside the person and defuse the problem that is getting ready to blow.  Sometimes you can’t.

It’s a far cry from where I started in life.  I grew up wanting to be a farmer like my Grandfather or a cop like my Dad.  In Junior High School, I decided I wanted to be a reporter and write for a living.   I had my first biography published when I was 17 and I was paid for it with Doctor visits.  You see the doctor wanted a biography for a trade journal and I provided it.    So I trundled off to college to be a journalist and rapidly was bored out of my mind.  It was the age of Woodword and Bernstein and every little nitwit with an itch for glory wanted to be them.  You couldn’t get in the classes until you were a junior.  So in my sophomore year, I packed it up and joined the Navy.  What did I learn in the Navy?  I hate Battleship Grey and really hate Mainframe Computers but I got to travel.   Hell, you had no bloody choice but to travel.

At loose ends when  discharged, I finally took the test for working in the State Hospitals.  I discovered I have a lot of talent for working with the mentally ill in an institutionalized setting.  I also discovered that I was very good at diffusing the situation before the patient went off.   So my speciality became crisis intervention/prevention.

When you do something like that, you  have to be fearless.  You know there is a danger, you just don’t feel it.  I’ve taken weapons from inmates, I’ve talked them out of killing me, I’ve taken them down and restrained them.  I’ve protected other inmates from their peers and staff from inmates.   It’s part of the job. And you just do it.  If you can’t?  Get out.

My next move was to forensic psychology.  Not only were our patients, patients, they were also inmates charged with everything from murder to stealing golf clubs to loitering in McDonald’s.  Yes, you did many rescues and these were a bit trickier.  Once in jail, they learned all sorts of things like how to sharpen a plastic spoon.  A good day is a day when no one gets hurt.

Was I writing?  No but I was reading.   Then everything came back full circle and I wrote a couple of stories for my other half.  They were about Joe and Will, two deputy sheriffs.  The story later expanded thanks to Rotty and with support from Liexo.  I entered NaNoWriMo to write the thing.   The catch is I have no clue why I joined. I just did.   Doing 50,000 words in a month is a snap.  I usually go around 72,000 for the month so NaNoWriMo is no challenge.  In fact the last one bored the pants off me.  It’s a great way to time yourself if you have a deadline.  But that’s about it.

Currently I am on the 5th revision of Standing Stone.  It has one more edit then it goes to Evil Editor.  I have a partially done rough draft of Just One Look and several more on the burner.   I’m still not sure how I reached this point.

And that is pretty much who I am.  For anything else, read my media page.



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