I ain’t said nothin’ about no change.

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

Why on earth do you think I want my blog to make a change in the world?  Not every blog is created to create change.  Nor does anyone writing a blog have the responsibility to write a blog to create change.  The primary purpose of this blog is to write and to enjoy myself while I write.  It’s also to practice writing.  It has nothing to do with change unless you are talking about me improving my writing skills.

On that note, the blog isn’t in my genre or my style of fiction writing but it is my writing.

Not everything is about change.  Can my blog make a change if that was my intent?  Nope.  I can present facts, make arguments for or against, offer links but I can’t make a single change.  The change has to come from within the people reading it.  They are the ones who can decide it’s time something should be different.  If they don’t?  Nothing I write could do a damn thing.

As much as you might hate to hear it?  It’s your responsibility to change, not for me to make a change in you.  Why?  Because I can’t change anyone except myself.  You must change.

To do that, you have to do something very simple.  Change.  Hard isn’t it?  It’s much more comfortable doing what you always did but you know what?  When you do that?  You get what you always got and if you aren’t happy?  You need to do something different.

The thing about change?  You have a window of opportunity.  If you don’t make that window, you lose out.   You don’t get second chances unless you are lucky.  Most of the time we aren’t.   All the weeping, wailing and remorse in the world won’t call back the chance that has passed you by.

So the answer is no, I am not writing this blog to create change.  I’m writing this blog as part of my platform.  Change is up to you alone.  You are the only one who can succeed at it or fail at it.  If anything?  I hope you make that window when you have it.