The Gift? Exactly what you deserve.

That’s it in a nut shell.  The Gift would be to the entire human race and it would be that you get exactly what you deserve.  Not what you think you deserve, not what someone else thinks you deserve but that you get exactly what your actions and thoughts have earned you.  And just you.  No one else.  No collateral damage in this wish.

There will be a lot of humans that are very surprised for good or for ill.

Many will suddenly find out you aren’t what you thought you were.  Individuals who think they are good might find out they are nowhere near good and have a lot of work to do on their self-righteous self-justified behaviour and nope, God doesn’t get to forgive you.  You have to work your way out of your own self-created shit.  Here’s a shovel. Might as well start now because it won’t end until you change.  You got that right I said, YOU change.  No one else.  Happy Digging.

Others will find they are not the evil, should-be punished person they thought they were for ‘sins’ or ‘crimes’ they imagined they committed.  They will discover it’s not them, it’s those around them.  Remember, you don’t get to claim what others have imposed on you or convinced you to believe about yourself.  You can only claim what your actions, thoughts and feeling were.

Gods aside, human decisions about ethics aside, it would be a new day dawning if you got exact what you deserved.  Instead of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,  it’s do unto others as you are going to get delivered to you in a nice neat package.

Have fun kiddies.  We’ll keep the survivors.

[Well, if there is any left after the environmental backlash coming up under these new rules]

Ain’t Karma a bitch?