Resolutions? You still do that crap?

How did I do on my New Years Resolutions?

Seriously?  You still do that crap?  You do realize it’s crap right?  It’s up there with purple Unicorns and “I’m going to quit drinking tomorrow”  Never happens.

I gave up Resolutions years ago.  Or as I say “I gave up New Years Resolutions for Lent and never went back”.   I just gave them up.  They are nice to think about but 99.8% of us fail at them.  Why?  Because we aren’t serious.  If we were serious, we wouldn’t make a resolution to do something, we would just bloody do it.   How may times when you are out of food in the house do you resolve to go to the store?  You pick up the keys and go.  That simple.

If something needs changed in your life when you finally get sick and tired enough of doing the same shit and getting the same results, you’ll change it.  If you don’t?  You aren’t sick and tired enough.   Do it a bit more.  You’ll get the point if you live long enough.

Like the bad advertisement says “Just do it.”  Don’t resolve.  Don’t promise.  Don’t make deals.  Just change.  It’s that simple and that hard.  If you don’t change?  You don’t want to change.

Change is hard.  We tend to hang on to what we know and what we are comfortable with.  We won’t take the risk on something else and even when we do take that risk, we tend to go back to exactly what we did before.  That’s why when a drunk gets sober, the other half divorces them.  Most of the time, they’ll go find another drunk to marry.  Why?  Because it is what they know.  Unless the spouse and the drunk both get sober in their own way?  It’s doomed one way or another.  And honestly? If the spouse was sober [the one not drinking], they would have left years ago.

Resolutions sound well and good.  But resolutions mean crap.  You can resolve all you want but it doesn’t get crap done.  The only thing that gets crap done is to “Just Do It”.

Don’t ask me about Resolutions.  I haven’t broken the one I resolved in 2002 to never make another one yet.  I’m doing good.  What do I do?  I just change when I’m sick and tired of what I do.  That simple.

And that hard.


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