Getting Seasonal  my …..  [you can fill in the blank]

Right now there is nothing I would want more than a nice tropical island somewhere nice and warm where I can sit and listen to the surf while I write and bask in the warmth.  New Zealand would be nice too…   Anything with Summer Heat.

What do I have?  37F and feels like “27F”  with “Clouds and Sun”  Oh whoop.  Well right now there are three very large very dark clouds hovering.  Freaking winter.

And I have the neighbours who all on their own can be “NASA can see your Christmas Lights from Outer Space.”  Until 11 pm each night except the nights they let them run until morning.  Yep.  LOVE this time of the year.  Just like an allergic rash that won’t stop itching.  Seriously who need 5 blow up plastic Christmas “statues”?  They look tacky to begin with.

Then there is the “Do you have all your Christmas Shopping done?”  Why?  Are you wanting to know if I bought you anything or are you going to help me?  It’s none of your damn business.  If you knew me you would know I don’t do Christmas Shopping.

Yes, I said I don’t do Christmas Shopping.  I got tired of the crazy one year and said “Just spend the money you would spend on us on something you want and when you do, say ‘it’s a gift from Phil'” I mean really.  Pay bills.  Buy yourself dinner.   Buy a bigger present for your kid or your spouse.  Use it for the plumber when the pipes break.  I don’t care.  Just don’t get me a present.  Why?  Because I’ve seen how much thought really goes into the present.  “It’s the thought that counts?”  Yep.  And ain’t much going into it.   Do half of you really KNOW what the person you are buying something for really wants or likes or are you buying them what YOU want and like?

My idiot half-brother and his idiot wife were great ones for that.  Mom and I would have to switch presents every year because the morons bought her what I liked and me what she liked.  Idiots.  There is  a reason I don’t talk to them.   You get tired of people who don’t really listen to you and expect you to be what they want you to be.  Mike thought I should be a store clerk instead of a prison guard/MHT and work with the criminally insane.  Of course Mike is a wussy so…  He’s the one that said if the Marines he was with were attacked he would throw the knife he was given at the enemy,  then the radio then run.  Yeah..  Brave man.   Me??  I would go down with my friend.  I would be there to the end.  You don’t leave one of them behind.  Can you tell I don’t like my half-brother? Why would I want to spend time with a person who is someone I don’t like brother or not?

Ah and now we get to Christmas Dinner with family.  We did the tap dance.  And then we stopped.  Mom died.  That ended the whole “Let’s have Christmas Dinner”  It was a great relief.  What am I doing Christmas Day?  Probably what I did today.  And yesterday.  It isn’t what the day is called that makes it special.  It’s who you are with and I can do that any day of the year I choose to be with friends I love and care about.  [Especially with a lot less fuss and crap.]

Christmas Day is a day of quiet, peace and serenity for me.  It isn’t about how much I spent or what loot I get.  It isn’t showing how well I am doing.  It isn’t about things or decorating or any of the other crap the modern world seems to think is needful.  Do I miss “being with those I love”?  No.  Those I love are doing what they need to do that day.  And they have my blessing in doing it.  We have plenty of time during the year.  I want to do things because I want to do them not because “It’s the season to…”

Yeah.  It’s the season to freeze your ass off.  It’s the season to worry about getting the best deal on crap that may not make it to next year and surely won’t be here in 5 years.  It’s the season to look at that damn hot pink feather boa Aunt Ethel bought you and wonder what the f**k Aunt Ethel is on.  It’s the season to spend too much money and end up paying for it most of next year when you could be paying for something you really wanted and the crap you bought is already being thrown out or exchanged.

Forgive me but I opted into reality years ago and out of Seasonal crap.   I found I enjoy the day.  I find I enjoy the peace and quiet.  I also found my relationships got better when I didn’t force things on them. [I would enjoy it a lot better if it was 80F]

If you can do it? Good for you but don’t expect everyone to just bounce along for the holly jolly ride.    Some of us are quite happy without it and get quite annoyed by those of you who expect everyone to go along for your denominational ride.