A Writer’s life of deadlines.

What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?

You know, this really should go under News but….

I’ve finished the 5th edit of Standing Stone.  It rests then one more pass then to Evil Editor.  After that, the edits gets fixed then to the Pre-Release Betas then if that goes, well, to print [e-book and POD].   However it isn’t the next most pressing deadline.  The next is to finish the rough draft of Just One Look.

Just One Look is the story of how a man who has lost his lover to death and sworn never to fall in love again handles falling in love with a much younger man.  It is the tale of his dealing with his fears and how his lover deals with his attraction to another man.  That’s the most pressing deadline at the moment.

The first thing I want to work on after I am done with the rough draft is either Cain’s Dessert or The Path to the North Pole.  Currently I am fleshing out the story plots.  Writing is never-ending and while you only work on one at a time, it doesn’t mean you aren’t planning at the same time.