10 minute writing unedited exercise: Meeting the Elf

Dennis gazed around the television set then looked at Hal. “So the guy I am suppose to be protecting?”

“In the elf costume.” Hal gestured toward a very pretty elf with red gold hair. “It’s Dillion. He’s the spokesperson for the food line of Irish Goodness. He’s the Goodness Elf. Yeah, I know but the boss says it sells.”

“And he needs protection why?” Dennis continued to examine the slender elf. He had muscles under the tight costume from what Dennis could see. Dancer’s muscles not like Bruce, his former partner’s weight lifting muscles. Nicely formed dancer’s muscles. Dennis tried to focus on what Hal was saying.

“He’s got a stalker. The cards and letters and roses he’s been getting have been fielded by us but the notes are starting to get dark. ‘If you aren’t mine, you are no ones’ sort of dark. He won’t let us with him all the time because he’s contrary and stubborn so I thought maybe you could do the job better. Sort of look like one of his friends.”

“Hal? I’m older than he is by a good 10 years.” Dennis shook his head. “I can’t see us as being buddy buddy.”

“So be his boyfriend.”

“He’s gay?”


“And you picked me because I am gay?” Dennis’ attention turned to Hal.

Hal had the grace to blush. “Look you are good at your job.”

“And I’m gay.” Dennis turned his attention back to the elf. Something bothered him about where Dillion was standing.

“Well…” Hal started to speak when it Dennis realized what was wrong.

Before Hal could say anything else, Dennis was running toward Dillion. “Look out!”

The elf turned startled and before he could do anything, Dennis plowed into him knocking him sideways and landing on top of him. Dennis found himself staring into very surprised green eyes as the sandbag weight hit the ground and exploded where Dillion had been standing.

[10 minutes writing unedited exercise] from Ready, Set, Done!