Why did I port my blog here?

Really simple.  Hackers.  I was sick to death of fighting them.  Let wordpress.com fight them.  Yes, I have my own website.   I removed my blog from there.  Yes, I can have a blog on it but you know what?  It was more hassle than it was worth.  A lot more hassle.  So I am linking the blog from here to there via the menu.  How about that?  Let the morons try to hack and spam this blog.

What I want to do with this is still up in the air.  I like the bloggers who have blogs based on their favorite subjects like cooking, hiking, being a mother are doing something they love but you know what?  I don’t love blogging.  It’s a pain in my tush and it takes me away from writing.  For example I could be reconstructing the last 3 chapters of Standing Stone I lost in the Great Computer Crash caused by…  I won’t name names but I’m sure she put a curse on me for not writing fast enough.

So what I am doing with this?  I have no bloody clue.  I’ll see what comes up.  Do understand it won’t be a blog as you are use to seeing.  I don’t like blogging.  There will be something but I would rather spend time working on my book than blogging.   I mean if you want to know more about me?  See my Facebook page or my Twitter page or even my Pinterest page.


3 thoughts on “Why did I port my blog here?

  1. *an evil voice is heard*
    Change Pintrest for Pinterest and the curse shall be removed….

  2. Well, you’re the one who called me Evil Editor. Now I have to live up to my name. *grin*

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