I’m bored. I don’t mean I’m bored, I mean I’m bored.

There is the bored with nothing to do.  Nothing interesting.  Then there is the bored with lots of interesting choices but you know what?  I’m bloody bored.  The French have a very good word for it: ennui.  Oui.  Ennui.

I’m not sure what started this.  It is birthday week.  My birthday weeks always suck.  This one has.

Monday I went to see the doctor who suspects Lupus.  I wasn’t sure until I talked to my family doctor and he said that the pattern fit so talk to the specialist.  I did.  I also got a butterfly rash in the middle of her examining room.  I didn’t know that was what they are talking about when they say butterfly rash.  I get them often.   For once something went right and I got the rash right in front of the doctor.  Yeah team.  It didn’t wait until I walked out the door.

I did have a great lunch and spent time with the niece. Uncle wants that nice Nook HD+ for Christmas remember.  [Which would work if I celebrated Christmas and gave gifts but I don’t…]

Tuesday I find out the neighbor’s mother died.  That’s a long story suffice to say, she was an icon of our small community here.  You would see her every morning coming up the road with her coffee cup to visit all her sons’ houses.  They may have been in their late 50s but Mom ruled the roost.

Yesterday my space heater burns out.  Oh Joy.  Two year warranty so I can call Wally which I hate doing.  Now that I am 33% done with the rewrite, I’m not sure the first version wasn’t better.  We can title that one Libra as a writer.

Today? I have a sore throat.  It may be the Lupus.  It may be a cold.  If it is a cold, I have to go to the doctor’s because cold’s always turn into bronchitis for me.  And you wonder why I hate birthdays.  It’s freaking cold which means the arthritis is killing me.   I want to crawl back under the electric blanket and stay there.  I hate cold.  It hurts.

NaNoWriMo is coming down the line.  Whoop.  I have a book to write.  Whoop.  Really.  Big Whoop.   I can’t get any excitement going.

I have a website I can work on.  Whoop.

I am thinking about a forum that I can attach to it because my host offers them with one click install.  Whoop.

I’m freakin’ bored.  I’m not even sure winning the lottery and buying tickets for a tropical island would help.

It might be the birthday.  If my mother was alive she would be calling me to say “You know I was in labor today and you weren’t born until the 12th. ”  She did that every birthday.   As if I enjoyed the experience of being born.   It feels odd without her calling and saying that.  I’ve tried to convince my half-sister to call and tell me that but it is no go.

It is a dreary dark, cold, windy day out.

Simply put? The weather sucks.  My birthday sucks.  Having a sore throat sucks.  Being bored sucks.

Would like to put a note up:

Gone to bed under the electric blanket with a good book.  Do not disturb.  Try again tomorrow.

It sucks.