Death of American TV in My House

At least in my house it is dying.

I don’t have a TV.  Why would I waste money on it unless I can use it as a computer monitor.  Now that would be… oh, drool… great.  Plug my computer in flick on the switch and LARGE screen computer.  I can live with that.   Why?  Because I watch TV on my computer screen.  I watch TV on the net.

TV is a bit backward.  They don’t count the net in their viewers.  Backward was a bit nicer than technologically challenged and socially retarded.  They are clueless.  Right up there with publishing who has head executives instead of  looking at the digital market and coming up with innovated ideas to compete look at the digital market, stick their [or in this example it was a her] nose up in the air to say “Real readers will always read books. ”  when questioned about the future of hard copy books.

The silly bitch just insulted a whole mass of readers.  I hope her boss notices but since it is publishing, I’m not counting on that.  They are a bit thick. They are related to TV networks.

I’m not a real reader because I have over 2,000 books on my Ereader?  I’m not a real reader because I read an electronic format?  What?  If I can’t wipe my ass with it when I run out of toilet paper while camping it isn’t a book?  I remember way back when real readers didn’t buy paperbacks because they were not a real book.  Books offered in paperback were “Pulps” put out for the dumber members of society who sought cheap thrills and you knew they were of low intellect.   Yepper, that sure describes the paperback market today, doesn’t it.  No publisher in his right mind would let an addle-pated twit who works for them open her big mouth and say “Real readers will only buy real hardback books.”

What will kill publishing?  Lack of insight, failure to plan ahead, technology and big mouthed  twits who think you are stupid if you read an ebook.  [And let me tell you honey, she probably has a maid and a housekeeper on her salary so she doesn’t have to dust the damn things.]

TV shows the same sort of nearsightedness when it comes to computer.  It seems like they miss the fact that they are not competing.  They are thinking viewers and shares but what they miss is if they went to computer and the net, they would gain even more.  Their advertisers are here already.

They have started to make more use of the net  creating add-on sites that ‘enhance’ their TV shows but frankly they are deadly dull and what shows they offer are viewed on antiquated feeds that can buffer slow and then freeze at various times.   Why do we use pirate sites? Fast buffer on the host and all the shows you can want.

I mean really quit spending our damn government dollars on stopping pirates sites.  It’s the most worthless crap they could do.  You want to stop pirates?  Give us a CBS/NBC/ABC/Whatever site with all your shows on an excellent player with bells and whistles to make it fun watching your show on your site.   Plug in interactivity.  Plug in Facebook/Twitter/chat/resource sites and other goodies.  Let us customize our ad experience.  Let me tell you I am a white male, middle age, with a college education who loves Jeeps, Weightlifting and Cooking.  You just got my ad demographics.   Then ratings become useless because you aren’t trying to drag target shares of a market to the show.  You already have a customized ad base which any advertiser will love.    That’s real direct marketing.   I would say get rid of the Geo Restrictions but that is pushing it.  Let’s just do this first.

We get what we get because they want to make money and the ads drive the show.  You don’t.  You never did.  You can have a huge number of viewers and the show is canceled.  Why?  Because they marketed it to the wrong demographic and their advertisers were losing money.  Solution?  Cancel the show.  They want a market share of a certain demographic.  You ain’t it?  Tough.

So the trend is to go unscripted and stupid.  I mean come on, they are stupid.  It use to be my list of TV shows was packed with only one night open if that.  I looked at the list of shows and British/Canadian/Australian win out.

Saturday and Thursday are empty.

Sunday and  Friday has one show:  American.

Monday has 3 shows: Two Canadian and One British.

Tuesday has three: American but I just realized I only watch one of them on a regular basis.  I haven’t watched the other two in weeks because well, they are boring.  I will probably drop them.

Wednesday has 4: two American and one British and one Canadian.    One I know I will stop watching half way thru the season because I always do.  Yes, it is one of the Americans.  The other American is iffy.  I may finish the season or not.  That depends.

Of the new season shows in America that I planned on watching, there is one left on the list and it premieres late.  It may not last either.

What happened?  Same crap, different day [sometimes the same day] or as Sherlock says “Boring.”

The Canadian, British and Australian shows I watch?  They always finish strong.  I never stop in the middle of them.   Can’t tell you a lot about who won the American Masterchef but I can argue with you if Emma or Lynton should have won the Australian one.

The difference?  They don’t expect their viewers to be stupid.  They cater to a broader range of tastes.  And their writers can write.   The casting makes the shows interesting.    They complain about the MC Au being down in ratings.  Just make them watch the American version for a season.  They will kiss their version’s feet.    They don’t depend on Bitchy Cat Fights for ratings.  If I wanted a Bitchy Cat Fight, all I would have to do is go to the next family reunion and talk to my half-brother, Michael and his dear sweet wife, the backbiting Sister-in-Law from Hell.

Since I watch on the net and I watch shows I enjoy, it tells you the state of American TV. This from a kid who use to wonder what he would do when the TV set wasn’t working. I would die if I couldn’t watch my shows. Now?  If it is American?  Who cares.  I surely wouldn’t buy a boob tube because all they give me are badly programmed American.

And if you want to know the truth? I’m not sure by the end of the season I’ll have one American show left on my list. It’s happened before. The rip off of  Bluestone 42 is the last chance but I think I’ll prefer Bluestone 42 because shows rarely live up to the preview.  Bluestone 42.  Oh it lived up to the preview and it’s coming back for a second season.