Now is the time for Northern Spy


It’s fall.  My beloved Northern Spy will be ready to eat.   I don’t like apples.  I don’t like the taste.  For a person who loves chewing, I hate the feel of them in the mouth.  It’s too grainy.   The exception to all this is Northern Spy.

The apples of today taste like apple flavored cardboard to me.  I wasn’t fond of them when I was little.  I would rather hang out around the golden pear tree and wait for the ripe soft juicy fruit to fall.   The Plum and the Peach were also contenders for favorites.   There is nothing better than a tree ripened fruit.  What we get in the food stores is a pathetic excuse.  There  is a whole generation out there who barely know what real fruit and vegetables taste like.  To them it is something you buy at Walmart or Piggly Wiggly.

We had one guy visit a gardening forum I frequented.  He wanted to know what kind of wonderful tomato he had for lunch one day.   An entire garden forum was trying to decide.  We eventually discovered it was his first garden ripe tomato.   He had not clue what a real tomato tasted like.

The Northern Spy is known to be a pie apple.  It is one of the best you can use.  It stays firm with a slightly tart taste.  I make my pies out of it.  One day while I was cutting them up for pies, I tasted it.  I fell in love.  It was a lovely tart/sweet crisp clean apple flavor.    Give me some Northern Spy, a good cheddar cheese and some great crackers and I’ll be happy.    A nice wine wouldn’t be a bad addition to it either.

They won’t be the prettiest on the block but it will be the best tasting in a pie and for my taste the best to snack on.

The pie recipe that I use is perfect for Northern Spy or Crabapples.

6 cups Northern Spy sliced and peeled apples or sliced unpeeled crabapples
5 to 8 tbsp water
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp flour
1 1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 tbsp butter

Steam the sliced apples for a couple of minutes. Let set for a couple of minutes then add the rest of the ingredients and your apple pie filling is ready to put in your favorite crust and bake. You could also freeze the filling for later use.

My mother use to tell me that the only thing a crabapple was good for was to feed the pigs. Of course, my mother couldn’t cook either.