The Art of Fiction No. 21, Ernest Hemingway by the Paris Review

Key West Conch HouseHemingway.  What writer and what reader [even if you had to suffer through it in English or Lit class] has heard of , if not read, Hemingway.

We have all suffered or adored Hemingway.

I like the man because taped to a dead flat screen monitor on a large stack of hardback books that I considered worthless behind this computer  I have taped  “First Drafts are SHIT”.

I’m paraphrasing Hemingway:  The first draft of anything is shit.”   When I wanted to stop typing in NaNoWriMo or when I simply want to stop typing now?  I read that.   Hey, It was on a sticky note with a permanent thick point marker.  Ain’t no way I would have got all of Hemingway’s quote on it without cutting short.

Someone said “Oh, Chris Beaty said that”   My answer was “Who?”  Sorry, Heminway I listen to.  He’s sold more than whoever and stood the test of time.

Key West lighthouseThe article is not only an interview.  It describes his workspace.  It describes the man.  Even if you don’t write, what made this man tick?  It’s a peak into parts of his life you don’t see on the web.