Giddy with excitement? Giddy? Really? Giddy?

Mountain Bike

Daily prompt, you do come up with… well… never mind that.   I’m beginning to regard you a bit as the daft neighbor.

So you want to know if [per Babylon program which has 8 dictionaries on it]  what I do when I am giddy [dizzy, light-headed, unsteady; frivolous, fickle, FLIGHTY, silly, frivolous, skittish, irresponsible, flippant, whimsical, capricious; feather-brained, scatty, thoughtless, heedless, carefree, having or causing a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger,  disorientation, insane, possessed by a god, bird-witted, harebrained, hoity-toity, rattlebrained, scatterbrained] with excitement.

Ancient Greek bowl of the death of the king by his mother.

I think I need to punch you.  I’ve just been insulted.  Do you EVER look up the words you use or do you just throw out phrases you hear like a parrot with no clue?  You just asked what we are like when we are crazy.  Like say, The Bacchae who ripped Pentheus apart in their excitement or giddiness, the possession of the god and proceed to have lunch. One was his mother,Agauë. Dionysus was quite ticked.

Nope. Sorry can’t say I have ever been giddy with excitement. I’ll pass. Don’t plan on having a family member for lunch any time soon.

Excitement does make me irritable.  It elevates levels in my blood which stimulate fight or flight.  It’s a bit like an adrenaline rush. I should know. I was a junky for that. Considering my job was working with the Criminally Insane, I got them a lot. You’ll burn out quick. But excitement isn’t the high that comes with talking down a guy who has a knife to your throat saying you have to die. Yes, been there done that.

Excitement is very pale in comparison to the real thing. Not that I would recommend you to go do what I did for a living. My specialty was Intervention/Prevention or “Oh, shit, NOW what do we do?”.
Older BondIt also effected how I react and my emotions. I don’t get excited. I don’t get possessed by the god. I don’t get giddy. If anything I get colder, calmer, clearer. I deal with what is at hand. I never thought of it before but the closest I can tell you it is like is James Bond when he is in the thick of it and is cool, calm and collected. You ever see Bond giddy? Cut me a break here. You can’t afford giddy. Giddy you die. It impairs judgement.

No I do not get giddy so I cannot tell you what I do when I am “giddy with excitement” I get cold, calm and very clear when I am excited because that means there is trouble and I need to say alive.

Yes, definitely a daft neighbor.