What Kind of Underwear Does Your Character Wear? [Standing Stone]

I blinked a couple of times at this question about depth in character and 3D characterizations.  When I tried apply it to Standing Stone I realized  I have no clue what Will wears.  I know Joe wears boxer briefs and Mac wears silk boxers.

So I decided to ask Will.

A look of dread came across his face when he saw me come in the office.  I think it has something to do with the chains and not being about to reach his cellphone to call his agent.   He took one look and said under his breath, “Shit.  Not again.”

“Will, what underwear do you wear?”

Joe raised his eyes from the papers he was reading and I swear he smirked at Will.


” You don’t wear underwear?”

“No, you do not need to know what kind of underwear I wear.  Is this for the plot or story line?”

“Well it is sort of for a character exercise so yeah… It is sort of the plot but it really isn’t in it.”   I gave him my best honest writer look.   That didn’t work well.

“No.”  He went back to the paper work on the desk.

I looked to Joe for help but all he did was shrug his shoulders.  Big help he was.   He should remember who wrote those scenes with him in it.   I turned back to Will.  “Why not?

He gave a long drawn out sigh  and pounded the edge of the file on his desk.

“Um… I think all the papers in that file are in place.”  I was Persona Non Grata from the look he gave me.

“Why?  You want to know why I won’t tell you?  Because, as sure as shit,  you are going to have me dressed only in my underwear hanging off a bridge saved by the fact the underwear snagged as I went over.  Or I’ll be chasing down a criminal while I’m dressed only in my underwear.  Or I’ll share it with Joe, Mac or Ray because we got soaked and they need to change. What are you reaching for?”

“I need a pen and some paper.  Those were some good ideas.”

Do you know he slapped my fingers?

“See.   That is  my point.  You don’t need to know about my underwear.”

He realized Joe was glaring at him.  “Not that I wouldn’t share my underwear with Joe,  I would always share my underwear with you.  Really.  You are my partner.”

Joe made a huffing noise and went back to his paperwork.

“Aw come on, you can trust me.  Honest.”    I got a clue that statement lacked effect when I heard Ray choke on his coffee  The sheriff doesn’t believe me?  “Look!  I just want to know what kind of underwear you wear.”

Kitty strolled in with the Blue Moon’s baked hoagies.  “Oh, I don’t know about Joe or Will but I can tell you what Ray wears.  Why I bought him these really nice…”

“Too much information, Kitty.”  Ray grabbed her arm and escorted her to the lunch room leaving all three of us staring at their backs.

“Something is going on there.”  I got two grunts of agreement.  “Hum…  I wonder what and does Ray’s wife know?”

“I have a great idea!  Why don’t you go write it?”  Will was suddenly pushing me out the door.

“Yeah, but I still need to know what kind of underwear you wear.”  I tried to look around at Will as he gave me a big shove.

Mac was coming in as Will pushed me out.  It was a near miss as he jumped back when  I went flying through the door.  “What are you talking about?  He doesn’t wear underwear.”

“Thanks a lot big mouth.”  Will shot him a dirty look.

As I headed for my Jeep, I heard Mac’s voice.   “What?  What did I do?  You’re pissed at me aren’t you?  What did I do?  Baby, tell me.”

Then I heard Joe growl.

I did the smart thing.  I left.

Finally.   Will doesn’t wear underwear that’s what underwear he wears.

Thank God for Mac.

And I’m sure Ray can control Joe at work.

I think.

And since the Daily prompt insists. This is the last paragraph . After all it said I could write anything I liked as long as the last paragraph included that sentence.  It didn’t say it had to be part of the story. So this is the last paragraph telling you why the sentence is way down here.  “He tried to hit me with a forklift!”