Talent? Maybe. Or How to Burn Water.

Some things are  genetic.  A beautiful voice for example then hard word and training.  And luck. Sheer luck if they want to be a singer.    Other things are not.

Cooking for example.  Yes you might be a supertaster but you don’t need to be one to be a great cook.  That takes practice and learning.  You don’t just know how to boil vegetables.   Some can right off the starting line of cooks.  I’m one of them.  I got Granny’s talent.

The first thing her 98-year-old nephew said to me, when he realized who I was, was  “Aunt Eddie sure could cook.”  Aunt Eddie sure could.   I gave the recipe for the huge snowball dumplings to a friend.  They go in the sauerkraut and pork at New Years or in Chicken and dumplings [the chicken is stewed into a thick rich gravy]    My  other half died that month.    The first thing her husband said is “I’m sorry about your loss but I have to tell you those were the best dumplings I ever ate.”  Those are the reactions to Granny’s cooking and recipes.

My half-sister has her recipes also.  Her food never quite turns out the same as mine.  She’s like Mom.  She hates cooking but does it any way.  I would rather spend my days in the kitchen.   As long as someone else does the dishes. The more I learn, the better I get.   My half-sister?  I have no clue.  She’s been at it longer than I am since she is 14 years older than I am but she is still making the mistakes I made at age 11. salmon-116479_150

Do I have a talent?  I guess perhaps you could call it that.  Granny had it.  I got it.  My Aunt Ruth got it.  None of my other Aunts and Uncles got it.  My Mother sure could burn water and I don’t mean boil it dry.  I mean burn it.  Her cooking was horrible.  She was like my half sister.  She did enough of it but damn, it sure didn’t take.

Practice doesn’t make perfect.  There seems to have to be an innate talent to do something.   As I said, I got it.  My niece got it in her generation.    It only seems to go to one of us.    But the one of us who gets it can cook up a storm.

And NO you may not have Granny’s recipe.