Life is unfair that’s why it’s fair.

Daily prompt wants to know about something I think is unfair.  I’m a Libra.  We have this big thing about things being fair.  It’s also a large part of our makeup.  We need to be fair.

What do I think is terribly unfair?  Life.  Good people are poor and suffer.  Bad and greedy keep right on doing what they are doing and are happy.  Those with no conscience  make a lot of money [ie see Oil Companies] while others sit back and let them.

And lately, it seems they are more plentiful than ever.   Even our Government lets them.  Did you know around WWII they tried the same damn thing and our President, back when all Presidents of any party really were Presidents, stood up and said “You try that and I WILL Nationalize you for the public good.”   They backed down right down like whipped puppies.  See they understood then that a business is not a person and did not have the rights of a person.   We are a little touched in the head and think that a business has rights just like Grandma.

If life was fair, Grandma would be worth more than Exxon.

People get sick and suffer after a good life.  It  was assumed if you got Cancer or were killed for some reason or caught some other ailment, it was God punishing you for your sins.  That doesn’t hold water any more.   With science, unless you are  real deranged nitwits like the Westboro Baptist Church, we know better.

Life is not fair.  One kid gets a good education.  Another does not.   You can go to work just fine today and tomorrow you are hit by an 18 wheeler leaving your pregnant wife and little boy.

It is uncertain.  What we think of as the Rewards are dealt out haphazardly.   How would I change it?  I can’t.  You can’t.  That’s why it is life.   Life happens and there is nothing we can do about it.  Even if you think you are prepared and you are ready for whatever comes along, life can throw you a curve-ball.  Life happens and being ready is part of life.  Some are and some are not.

Let me tell you, it put me in a tail spin for a while.  Life needs to be fair.  I said Libra’s have a big thing about being fair.  Life is not fair.  It should above all things be fair but it isn’t and never will be.  Then I read a very important sentence that struck home.

Life isn’t fair to anyone, that’s why it is fair.

It isn’t fair to the rich or the poor.  It isn’t fair to the healthy or the sick.   It just isn’t fair.   It randomly rolls the dice and we get whatever crap comes with that roll.  Sometimes the crap is good.  “Oh I just won the lottery for 400,000.000!”   [The person could be flat broke on his last dime or could be so rich he doesn’t know what to buy next when he wins but he wins no matter his situation]  And sometimes the crap is bad.  “You have stage 4 cancer.  I’m sorry but it has spread and there is nothing we can do.” [You can be head of the Big Oil Company, a former President of the US or Grandma.  Cancer doesn’t care.]

This is life.  It isn’t fair but by being unfair to everyone it is fair to everyone.

Doesn’t that stink?  And we can’t change a thing.  All we can do is deal with it as it comes.