Comfort really depends on the situation.

Am I comfortable having to get up and make a speech in front of a group?  No.  I’m scared to death.  I am actually trembling.  But you reverse this and if I am teaching a class?  I’m just fine even if there are 200 in there.  The difference is the purpose.

I do not see the speech the same way I see the class.   In a class I need to convey to you my knowledge and offer proof that the facts are correct.  A speech?  It’s to motivate and inform.  I’m not sharing a damn thing.  I’m telling you.

My style is much more causal and relaxed than a speech.  They may be the same thing almost but they aren’t.  I can relax with the class.  We can have two-way communication.  We can share a laugh.  I can tell you to turn that cell phone off in a way that I can’t doing a speech.  A speech is on a different ground.

Am I good at Speeches?  I’m the one in speech class that everyone hated.  “I go after HIM” was a line I heard one time.   I’m not sure why they thought I was so good.  I simply went into impart what I know mode.  But I was still scared to death and hated I didn’t have freedom.  I had to follow a set pattern.  I was also shaking every speech I ever gave.  Apparently it was internal.  No one ever commented on it.

I hate to speak but I love to teach.  And you will learn something by the time you get out of that classroom with me.

Inspired by the Daily Prompt