Six of one and half dozen of the other

Looking at that picture you can tell me exactly how the Orange Juice sounds as it pours into the glass, what the glass feels like, how it smells and even how the orange juice will taste.

It is part of what makes great descriptive writing great.  Done properly the writer can transport you the way that picture can.   You can even feel the heat of the day that is making that cold glass wet with sweat.  One described drinking Bailey’s Irish Cream in a story.  I went nuts craving Bailey’s Irish cream because she nailed exactly what the experience was.

We rely on our senses. It’s how we perceive the world. They keep us alive. We smell a dead animal and we stay away from it. We see the bear coming down off the ridge. Trust me you don’t want to wait until any of your other senses can pick up on that critter. “Gee, I think I smell a bear.” Bear has lunch. Touch warns us that the burner is hot before we put our whole hand on it. We need them. We can survive without one of them but it is putting us at great risk.

If you forced me, and it would be forced, to give up one, it would be smell. In exchange I would take taste. I would rather the others all increase but if I can have only one, then taste. Things will taste different without smell. Taste heightened with  out smell make foods taste different. The experience of eating combines taste, smell, and look. You don’t think so, try eating blindfolded or have your nose shut during a few bites. It is very different from with eyes open or with the old “smeller” going.

Our world is “seen” through our senses, remove one and you vastly alter our world perception.