Just a few seconds

Like the song says

I’m in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life’s no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.


I have always moved at my own pace.  Stress? Yeah, I’ve got it.  Deadlines?  Yeah , I’ve got them.  But I still move at my pace.   Part of why I rush is I want it but I want it now.  I’m very bad at waiting.  Don’t tell me you need to talk to me later.  If you said that, why the hades didn’t you wait until later?

I have always tried to make time.  I have tried to use good judgement as to when to step in and when not to step in.  Perhaps that comes from being a mental health technician.  Sometimes you just have to let them try for their own sake.  To take away that trying is to take away their self-respect.  And sometimes you have to say no because it is time for them to try.

Where I feel the guilt is when I don’t do things like stop to help a turtle across the road.  Our roads are not part of his world, we made them.  That poor little bugger needs the help.  I will stop for animals on the road.  Why?  Because we created the damn situation that animal is in and I need to take responsibility for the rest of the idiot human race for that critter.

It isn’t just the big critters like the 600 pound black bear who parked himself in the middle of the road.  It’s the stupid pigmy goats of the neighbor with the collection of critters.  [Okay, I will admit to leaning out the window and saying, “Goat Stew.  Goat à la King,  Jamaican Jerk Goat,  Goat and Dumplings,  Goat meat pie with extra gravy, Goat on the half shell.”  They got really nervous about Goat on the half shell and took off running.]   It’s those stupid fancy roosters that don’t have enough brains to keep the wives and the peeps off the road and haven’t got enough brains not to crow at 3 a.m..

Squirrels…  Well, they happen to be able to run faster than the car.  I hate squirrels.  They are rodents with big fuzzy tales, who look cute, and have good PR.  Not even Squirrel Pot Pie can get them moving.   I admit to having stopped for a few that are mentally handicapped.   One of them sat in my lane facing away from me until I was on top of him.  I had brought the car to a stop.  He sat there.  I hit the horn.  I’m sure he had to go home and change his pants.    I named him Roadkill.

I am a sucker.   I have ended up with 4 handicapped pigeons and 3 tiels who are handicapped in some way.  The pigeons came from the wild life rehabber.  If she couldn’t release the pigeon because of an injury, I took them.  They are an assortment of personalities and very  entertaining.  My one female  tried to court my blind male pigeon.  She had every male bird in that room’s tongue hanging out.  The females were in corners of their cages looking offended.  The blind male was wondering what the excitement was about.  Poor Marbella.  She was very frustrated.

It takes a few seconds.   It might take a bit longer if I have to call the rehabber but I have a good relationship with her.   So I’m busy is not excuse.

Guilt I can feel for the animals.  If I can stop to help an elderly tiny woman get something off a top shelf, I can stop for animals.  They did not ask for the situation that man has created.  They just got taken along for the ride.

Humans?  It takes a few seconds to open doors, get something in passing or do some other small helpful service.  There is no excuse not to do so.  Many won’t.  I honestly don’t know what their problem is,  There may be a problem or it might be they are simply self-centered and  selfish.  I always try to make time.  If I am busy it is because I really am busy with something that cannot be put off.  It has to be done now.

Why do I do it?  Because it is right.   Somethings are simply right.   For no other reason.  You do not need a good reason to do it.  Doing the correct thing makes for less pain in the world.   And less pain is a good thing.