Handiest tool for writing, school or business

Babylon  just won me over.  I’ve used it a bit and discovered I like it very much.  Instead of running to the dictionary or thesaurus every time I have a question about language  or need to  search the encyclopedia for basic information, I use Babylon.

I hate programs that run automatically.   Most of them are useless crap that doesn’t need to hog your memory.  I don’t care if you have memory to spare,  It’s still an annoying pain in the tush.  Always keep memory free of anything you aren’t using at them moment.

My sister couldn’t figure out why on earth her computer was running so slow.  I love Jean dearly but her idea of a computer is stone knives and bear skins with a DO NOT TOUCH THE WORLD WILL  END IF YOU DO sticker.   A program installs the default for her because she has no clue even the most  technological regressed [think stone knives and bear skins here]  user needs to use custom install.  So she has a ton of crap running on her computer.   I’m half afraid to clean it for her because she stands behind me and screams “Don’t touch that.  I need for that to start when I click on the icon.”   I cannot get through to her that it doesn’t have to be already running if you are going to click on the bloody icon.

She did let me kill 3 music programs her grand children installed on it.   Instead of her creating a profile for them and setting limits on it plus not allowing an install [she won’t let me create it either, by the way, because it might break the computer], she gives them her password and lets them go to town on her profile.  I’m sorry but Jean gets what she deserves.   My mother, the person who thought stone knives and bear skins were too advanced, convinced her I didn’t know what I was doing because when I was learning how to work with computers I had to reinstall.    A lot.  And I cussed a lot.    My mother was beautiful but she was a nitwit.  Remind me to tell you the story of my mother, the car that wouldn’t start and the dry battery sometime.

If you have unnecessary crap running all the time on your computer and you will not let anyone fix it?  You get what you deserve.   Just stop bitching to the person who can fix it.    They don’t want to hear it.  You must like it.  You let it running.

I am extremely anal retentive about my computer.  I admit it.   I fuss about my programs and the hard drive.  I defrag more than the cops practice shooting. A clean organized computer is mandatory.   You don’t keep up with it and you are screwed.  Ask Jean.

I put Babylon on my computer.  And I bought 2 dictionaries!  I also installed a couple more free ones so I can use it offline.    I even was willing to install their tool  bar in IE if I didn’t subscribe [it’s worth the subscription].   They assume I use IE.   I don’t.

After this reinstall, I haven’t even got around to updating IE to IE8.  I’ll get to it, eventually.  Maybe.    I use a Chromium browser and a “Custom-built and optimized Firefox-based browser for Windows Operating Systems.” So you can feel free to install anything you want on IE. I don’t use it. If I could uninstall IE I would.    It does not matter if  it is IE7, IE8 or IE whatever number it is on [using XP.  Next step Ubuntu. [free]]

The site states it is a major translating tool for 77 languages, you can use it to learn languages, add-ins which teach your child vocabulary, phonetics, spelling and English.  It also talks about business, mobility and more.

I don’t care.  I am after the dictionaries and other compiled data they have.  I typed in Anal Retentive and got six answers from the dictionaries I chose.  I have disabled the dictionaries for example that are From  English to another language.  I really don’t need to know how to say  anal retentive in Tagalog.   If I ever do, I’ll enable it.

I grabbed their English package last night.  It consists of the Concise Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus plus the Merriam Webster Dictionary and thesaurus. It’s on sale.  Plus via google I found a coupon on the net for 25% off of any purchase.   I paid a little more than the price for one of those dictionaries.  [I’m cheap.  I firmly believe on saving money to spend on more things you might want] The service and activation were instant.    They offer about 1700 free dictionaries and more. If I ever get around to using anything else besides the dictionaries? I’ll let you know. The Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913), free, would work well for any student or anyone who needs a dictionary. You don’t have to buy one.

I hate Conduit. I won’t install any of their stuff. But honestly, if I hadn’t gone premium with this? It would be worth it to get the rest even without the purchased dictionaries. And the fact I don’t use IE is just a big ‘ole’ bonus.Since I went premium? I refused to let them install it. Which means do not just click yes when you install Jean.