Found on Road Side Dead [Fix or Repair Daily]

Daily prompt? The word was The. That was really helpful. Sort of like a whole group of hyper 5 year olds helping you mow your lawn.

I got this image:  Most popular car brands according to state.  It was the center that was the most disturbing.  The title should tell you what I think of them.  I have owned 2 Fords in my life.  Chevy runs a close second to them in my opinion.

The first, a  Mercury Zephyr looked exactly like a Mini T-Bird.  That piece of junk…  I don’t have words for that piece of junk.  Actually I do, but I am too polite to say them in public.  3 transmissions, 7 alternators, major work on the engine later, the last time the transmission went, I limped home, took it to my car dealer and said “Smash it.”  I bought a lovely white Buick Skyhawk that ran for years until I simply wore her out.  I still miss that car.  That Damn Zephyr?  F***ing FORD.  It should have been a hooker, you put a lot of money in and got very little out of it.

I felt slightly better after the car dealer told me that he had a white convertible Ford like that.  He said the thought he replaced every part on it.   His uncle asked to buy it.  Every time his uncle pulled up, he thought he was bringing it back.  The Uncle had no problem with it.  It just hated him.  That damn Zephyr hated me.

I got delusional again about the time I went to college and bought a small Ford Escort.  I had it for 6 months before the engine blew leaving me stranded at work.   I had to get the other-half-to-be to come get me.  I cursed the whole way home and got rid of it immediately.

My half-sister loaned me her old Ford Fairmont.  The brakes went out.  If it hadn’t been for the large Suburban in front of me, I would have gone into an intersection between two 18-wheelers.

My mother remembered my Grandfather’s cars and trucks.  She remembered pushing the Fords.  “That’s why they had so many kids, to push the Fords.”   This was 1920s to 1940s.   She never owned a Ford because of that and would have never considered buying them.  She was a bit smarter than I was.

My brother-in-law goes for Chevys.  I can recount every Chevy he had since he married my sister in 1963.  The first one the covering of the roof fell off.  The last one has needed a new module the week after they bought it.

He tried to make fun of my Jeep.   I told him “It has 300,000 miles on it.  When you have 300,000 miles you are going to look the same.”   He turned to my nephew, who has only owned Jeeps, asking how many miles he had on his Jeep.  Danny said “Over 300,000”   BIL just shut up and walked away.  Can’t say much to that can you?

But even he won’t buy a Ford.  There is a reason they got the nicknames FIX OR REPAIR DAILY and FOUND ON ROADSIDE DEAD.   It doesn’t matter how pretty they are?  They are all a hunk of junk to me.  My mother hated pushing them.  I consider them one of the Words you cannot say on television.  The F word for me is FORD.