Should have been a cowboy.

I might of had a side kick with a funny name
Running wild through the hills chasing Jesse James
Ending up on the brink of danger
Riding shotgun for the Texas Rangers

Should have been a Cowboy— Toby Keith

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The Daily Prompt wanted our favorite toy as a kid or memento.  Mine was much more than a memento.  I loved with a passion that would help form who I am.

My very favorites were a pair of  silver six-shooter cap guns with pearl handles.  It had a real leather holster with the strings to tie them to your legs and a badge.   My second favorite was my Barn set.  I mean every cowboy needs a barn.

I would wear them constantly.  I grew up on a farm with a black pony named Prince and 176 acres of land to run on.  Run I did.  Prince and I must have covered every  acre on that farm.  His mother was a pony and his father was a race horse.  My uncle raised Trotters.   Belle being a girl decided one of them was father material.  She never said which one.  Prince looked like a pony but thought he was a race horse.  He had their temperament too.

I wanted to be a rancher, farmer, cop or priest when I grew up.  Not sure where the badge and gun fits in with the priest but it does fit with the others.   I didn’t end up being a farmer or rancher.  I did end up being a cop.  And now I get to be a teacher of Religious Studies but I am sure the Priests would have burned me at the stake during the Inquisition.   I really don’t follow Canon.

The connection or influence do those guns had on me went deeper than even that.  You fight for the weak and protect them.  You are fair and just.  You prevent harm and pain when you can.   A strong sense of morals goes with a badge and a gun.  There are things you must uphold.  And I still am.  They helped shape who and what I am today.

I would have been happier riding the range with that side kick with the funny name.  Right Harley?  It’s me John.