Thank you, neighbors

Daily post wants me to say “thank you” to someone. That’s easy. My neighbors. They deserve Thank You and a lot more.

The other half said they were the best neighbors ever. That might be a sad commentary on the world and a compliment. Here, my neighbors believe in being neighbors. That doesn’t mean nosy busy bodies who have to stick their nose in every little thing and have an opinion on it or simply ignores your existence so when someone says “Your neighbor, so and so,…” they don’t look blankly and check your mail box for your name.

They are here when you need them. And they know when not to insert themselves into your life.

One mows my lawn for free. The only thing I can do for a Thank You is give him a Marine Corps lighter. He would accept that.

One blows my snow in the winter when it is deep. He won’t take a Thank You either. He was doing his and mine is right across the road.

I have a new mailbox. Thanks to that same neighbor. He bought a new one and set his son to fixing them. He asked if I minded if they installed mine too. Wonderful people. Free. Blanking free. They wouldn’t take anything but a Thank you and it’s beautiful. The mail box included a large old-fashioned milk can. He wouldn’t let me pay him for it. “Heck It was free.”

So you want a Thank You? Thank you to these wonderful people who are better to me than my family. If my half-brother did it, I would have to pay him and feed him a steak dinner. IF he could find the time. Maybe. He might be busy. Swimming in his pool. It’s a good thing I don’t speak to him so I won’t bother him with requests for help. I don’t even have to ask my neighbors.

They are the nicest, kindest, most wonderful people I know. And they are what neighbors use to be.