Shakespeare was a dirty old man [and more cultural capital]

HamletWe all know language changes.  I pointed that out in the post about not using Paris Hilton as an example.

Shakespeare provides another example.  He used  puns and jokes based on how words were pronounced.  Our language has evolved and changed since then.  But  based on the quality of his writing, Shakespeare survives to torment us today.  You either love him or hate him.  Sometimes that opinion can change.  Mine did.

I fell in love with Hamlet because of the 2000 film, Hamlet.

That version still lacked the original puns and jokes Shakespeare put in his work.

This video from Open University on You Tube explains it and gives good examples of how the language has changed.

We can easily say that Shakespeare had no way of knowing the cultural capital that made his work whole would change as language evolved. But he also didn’t date it by referring to events that we have no way of knowing anything about.

When writing you need to be conscious of what words and examples you use. Shakespeare lost the jokes because of the way the spoken word changed but the writing itself is timeless.Cultural Capital counts.