A six word story?

You want to know what the future holds for me? And you want a six word story?

How about a six word sentence?

I have absolutely no damn idea. 

Know what?  I don’t care either.   The future is the future.  It will always be the future.   It will never arrive.  It isn’t holding crap for me.  It isn’t for you either.  It isn’t coming.  It isn’t holding crap for anyone.  It isn’t going to be here.

The only thing that can be here is now.  Now is always here.  And you can’t escape into the past or the future.  It is always with you.  Sort of sucks doesn’t it?  Be here now.  It saves a lot of problems.   And besides, past, present or future?  Anywhere you go, there you are.  The one person you will never escape in your life is you.   Better start making friends with him or her now.   You are going to be with you to the day you die.

Someday never happens.  Someday, I will…  Someday, we will…   Never happens.  Someday does not arrive with the future.   On her death-bed, my mother finally figured it out.  She said to me “I always thought I would have more time.  I always thought I would do the things I wanted to do someday.”

My answer?  “Someday never happens Mom.  You have to do what you want when you want because you get no second chances.”  The future and Someday never come.  The only thing we have is this moment that we are in.  Be conscious of this moment.  If you are and do what you need to do for this moment?  Things take care of themselves as you go along.  Be here now.

If you make the best possible choice?  You will get the future because it will be here now when the time comes.

It’s like NaNoWriMo.  Did I plan on “someday I am going to enter NaNoWriMo and win it”?  Hades no.  I was on a web site and saw a link.  I clicked.  It starts in a few weeks.  “Hum,.. I can do this.”  I’ve had people telling me my whole life I should write.  I started out to be a journalist.  I’ve gone off and lived life a bit.  Heck, what have I got to lose.  All those be here now moments collided at one spot at the same time and I wrote.

The result is I sent 13500 words of a rewrite to my Alphas yesterday saying “Am I going down the wrong track with this rewrite?  Tell me before I redo the thing.”

Was that in my future?  Hades, no.  I had no clue it was going to be a here and now moment.

I have no clue what my future holds.  I stopped planning that out years ago when I stopped drinking.  It’s been 23 years.   It took me a lot longer to get the handle on stop looking for what the future holds and simply live.  If you are busy enough living, you don’t worry about crap like “What does the future hold for me.”  I know it holds one thing.  Death.  We all die.   It’s all those be here now moments in between that count.

Be here now.  The past is a room so full of junk you will never get back in it.  The future is a locked door to what might be a room.   Worry about the room you are in at the moment.

Just for Today, Be Here Now.