Morning Delight

Drinking hot cup of fresh made coffee, finding all new books at your online library  and discovering that your banner looks fantastic.

Thank you, Rotty.   Book covers and banners.  What more could a man want?

My FLP library put up new books and some old books that I wanted to read again. I will by the time my holds have finished, have read all Travis McGee from John D. MacDonald.  Now I have more to add to my hold and wish lists.

Since I have gone digital, I find am getting jaded.  Digital is so very nice.  I can carry around 2000+ books in my pocket without the card inserted to add more memory.  Shop for books at Philadelphia.  Join a library in Brooklyn or Fairfax County, VA [of course I have to pay for those two but much less than I would to buy all those books I read].  I do understand those who want hard copy.  I also understand I am a greedy little pig and look at all the reading world that digital has opened up for me.

My local librarian says I devour books.  I do.  I started to read when I was 3 or 4 out of necessity.  Granny wouldn’t stop canning or Mom was a work and how was a guy going to reread his favorite Batman comic for that week.  I haven’t stopped reading yet.

Ah, yes and the coffee.   Black.  No flavors.  No cream unless it is really bad and you want to hide some of the taste.  If it is truly horrible, I’ll dump some strong flavored cream in it and pray.  That’s the only time I drink it other than black.   Why?  Real men drink their coffee black.  Why?  Because they want to see what might be floating in it.    Real men have adventures.   Lord knows where the maker got the water from.   Also know as “You use bilge water again?”  Or “What stream did you say you carried this from?”

Nothing like a good cup of coffee, a good banner and some good books for a good morning.