Luxury by any other name…

Daily Prompt did it to me again.   I went running for the dictionary [and if I could have found my magnifying glass it would have been the Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary Volume I]

I found this on the net:

1. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.
2. Something expensive or hard to obtain.
3. Sumptuous living or surroundings.

So the question is asking me what inessential do I consider essential.   It can’t be both you know.  Either it is or it isn’t.   So I’ll take it as what is the last inessential thing would I give up and hold on to it so hard there are claw marks all over it.

Bet you think I’m going to say books.  Wrong.  The Internet.  Because without the Internet, I wouldn’t have all those books.  We really do not need it to survive.  It is not essential.We may feel like it but, honest, life existed before the Net and life will exist after the Net.   However did people survive?  Gee…  I don’t know.  Maybe they sat on the front porch and talked to the neighbors or horrors, talked to their family.  Went to Ice CreamSocials.  Played in team sports.  Went to a movie.  Drove to the store.  Visited a book store.  Learned to play an instrument and played in a community band where everyone would go to see the bandperform at different social gatherings and dances.No matter what our delusions, the Net, is not essential.   It makes things easier.  It’s faster than writing a letter.  You can find more products on it you can’t find locally.   You  information faster or make friends from countries you never will visit.  Yep, it does all those things for us but when you get down to it, the Internet and all that comes with it is not essential for our lives.

However at this time, I do choose not to live without it.  So it is my essential inessential.  Lights, phone and Internet are the sum totals my monthly bills and tells you right there what I think is important.