What’s in a Name?

I would wager 85% of parents have no clue what the name means that they picked.  Today the trend is “I liked it.”  or “It sounded nice.”  Gone are the days when you named a child after someone you loved.    The German tradition was the oldest son was named after his Grandfather.  If you were not naming your child after a family  member you named them after a close friend.  You just didn’t run off willy nilly and say “Oh, I’m naming my kid  ‘Button Head’ because I think that is so cute.”

Mine?  I escaped my Paternal Grandfather’s name because neither of my parents would hang Filmore on a child.   I ended up with Φιλιππος or Philippos to those of you who can’t read Greek.  It became Phillip.   Friend or Lover of Horses.   And I was horse mad as a kid.  I still am.

No clue where Joseph came from unless my mother made her best friend’s name masculine.  It was Josephine.    It comes from the Greek also Ιωσηφ  which actually came from the Hebrew יוֹסֵף Yosef. It means “he will add.”  Does it fit? No clue.

I can tell you they sure beat being called Button Head because it was “Cute”