A little sneaky but more of a bushwhack

Daily Prompt:  Are writing prompts useful?

They really like to make your brains work at the end of a long week don’t they?  Gee, I don’t know.  Let me finish this chocolate peanut-butter ice cream and I’ll let you know.  Long pause.

Well that wasn’t as good as I hoped.  Hershey’s has gone downhill hasn’t it?    Why… Oh yes, back to the question of prompts.

Are they useful, hokey or limiting?  That question made me think.  It was actually better than the ice cream.    Lets break this down.

Limiting?  How?  It’s up to me what I write once you throw out a subject.   You want limiting?  I did the Three word exercise. You had to write for 15 number of minutes and all you had was three words.    Mine was Darkness, Coffin, Chairs.   Then they hit the stop watch and said Go.    I got 270 words and the start of my next book.    Not bad for a prompt of 3 words and I had to include those words in the writing.

Hokey?  You know I had to look that up for the exact meaning.    I’m not sure why it would be hokey to do writing exercises to get the brains going.  You can bet every last one on the NYT list of best sellers has ground out exercises.  They didn’t get where they got by just running off some bad fan fiction and posting it so some…. Oh never mind.

Useful?  Oh yes, they are useful.  It teaches your brain to write.  A drop of a hat and words pour out.  It wakes up the muse and gets her use to the old nine to five because frankly, that Goddess spends way too much time lying around, eating chocolates and watching bad reality shows.  She needs to get use to producing.  It’s that or the cattle prod and she gets really evil about the cattle prod.

I should be able to write about what you throw out at me.  If I can’t  write about it one or two times, no worries.  We all have those days when the brain says “In Cancun.  Call back.”   If it is every time?  There is a problem with my story worker and I need to find out why it stopped working.  Writing prompts help me do this.  Like now.  A bowl of Hershey’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream and a prompt equals post.  The prompt worked.  The ice cream?  Don’t buy it.  Not good at all.  It had that cheap chocolate taste.  There are better brands out there.