Best laid plans and all that.

I was writing about the status of  my novel and what has caused a rather drastic change in the plot for this blog post.  I put the draft of that blog post on hold when I realized that the computer I use was having massive problems.  I ended up formatting the entire computer yesterday and am  currently still reinstalling everything.

Well almost everything.  I violated one of my rules so I got what I deserved.  I didn’t check to make sure my split file was not corrupt.  I lost 5 gigs.  I was lucky.  I had the backup I made on June 22 of that material so I only lost 2 months worth.  No my novel was not in it.  My writings are safe and sound.  I have 3 back ups of the current ones.

My time has been spent reinstalling the OS, assorted software and other goodies as well as going through the files to see where my back ups for June was.  I also finished a short story that is now resting before rewriting.

The blog post will be after I recover.  I’m between exhausted and a splitting headache right now.

And that rule I violated?  It’s pretty important.  Don’t you do it.  Always double check.