Brain Fried Writers


Ok.  It seems as if I am going to be one of those who have to take a day or two off to let things ferment before I write again.  It’s very disappointing because I really wanted to push through the last of NaNo with a few more scenes but that is not working.  If there is a little internal writer in us, mine is hanging on to the front door saying “Beach.  Motorcycle.  Ride.  Fun.  VACATION.”  and totally not cooperating with my grand plans of words and writing.  There are a few mutters of “Are you out of your freakin’ mind?”  

I’m even searching stuff like Writer Burnout.   The cartoon on “Will going Paleo prevent Writer Burnout” pretty well fits how I feel.   I’m not in bad shape.   I can look at it.   I can feel the words wanting to push out but the author part is going “Screw you.  Take a number.  I need a tan or else.”

The else?

Yesterday was a chore day.  I didn’t get much done but run around and try to find paper clips and rubber bands.  Do you have any clue how hard it is to find paper clips and rubber bands in a rural area?  Half my paper clips are pink for heaven’s sake.

Today?  We will see

On my travels on the Internet yesterday,  I did run into something interesting.  Smashwords did a study of what sells and the difference between their highest best sellers and those that are lower on the list.  Size seems to count as well as price.    I admit that word count counts when I am buying.  So does price.     Price is part of the impression of the over all book.

Smashwords study