Fuddles unfuddled and NaNoWriMo

The mess has been fixed.  All ships full speed ahead.  Ok, so I’m writing again.

This should make my number one fan and crew happy.  Sort of.   She’s not happy because I am writing the ending and stopped letting them read what I write each day.  I didn’t realize it was that close to the end.  It is.  Whoops.  I even figure out how to keep Deus ex Machina out of the darn thing and I came pretty damn close to that mistake.

Note to self.  Rework the plot a bit at the start to help cover for the solution.  Desu ex Machina does not belong in most writing unless you are trying for it.

To fix the writer’s block on this and the piles of crap I was creating, I had to do what I swore was not going to happen in the ending.  Once I did that?  It flowed.  It is what happened.   It may get rewritten but it is what happened.  They like it.  I like it.  It flows.

Number one fan is going to push me into a vat of boiling sheep entrails.  I’m not even asking how she is going to find that or where that idea came from.  Note?  Rotty?  Please ignore the sheep entrails suggestion.   You do that and you’ll never know about Cain and Mr Sexy.

Back to the flow.   The flow sorted itself out once I did that.  I was writing all around it and getting no where.   New Rule:  IF you are spinning in circles, look for what is in the center that you are avoiding then just get it over with.   Aka just write the damn thing.

NaNoWritMo is drawing to a close.  Our cabin went dead because the message board they think is so lovely broke.  I can’t see a damn thing on it.  We moved to RPMAS because it has a chat and besides we can post our own cabin threads there if we want.   I can create a NaNoWriMo board for just that.    Besides I have bigger problems to worry about like the end of the story and writing a middle.

Overall rating of Camp NaNoWriMo?  It is what it is.  That’s honestly all I can say.  I was more underwhelmed with it.

What was good about it?  [And there was good.]

It did make me do what I wasn’t able to do before.  I’ve reached 60850 words that will connect into a complete story.   Sitting down and just writing has taught me to get around some of the problems I always had with perfectionism.   If Hemingway thought his first draft is shit, how in the hell can I expect mine to be better.  Rule: Shut up and write.

It taught me to simply set down and shut up and write too.  I see to it I am inspired at least once a day to match DeVries’ statement about being inspired at 9 am every morning.  It is not glorious.  It is not grand.  You don’t have a symphony playing in the background as you write on the antique desk with the French doors open to show your immense manicured lawn.   You just write.  At that time.  Where you are.   You write.  You can’t afford to be artsy fartsy about this because years later you will be working on the same book.   Rule: Writing is routine.  You don’t want routine?  You want glorious?  Pick another career or hobby.  Writers who write and sell do routine. It’s after they get into the big bucks they can play artsy fartsy.  Why?  Because they could write a total polished turd and some fool publisher would buy it.   “Oh!  Steven King [any big name] wrote it!  And you will get fools who instead of saying “It’s shit”  say “It’s not his best work”   Emperors Clothes Syndrome anyone?

Somethings work and some do not.  That includes writing as well as what is in the book.  Your job is to figure out which does for you.   For some reason, this time.  I found what worked.  And boy does it work.    You need to find what works.   Why?  Because if you tell someone that you have  been writing the same book for years, I can promise you their eyes will glaze over.  They have heard this all before.  You have nothing to share.  If you find what works, then you will make progress.  It won’t be just the one book.  There is no earthly reason to work on a book for years.


Did I yell that last loud enough?    Good go chew on that thought for a while.  And if what you are doing isn’t working?  You have my permission to throw it out the door, stop doing it, change up.  If someone demands to know why, tell them “Phil told me I could”

And if you want to read more about what may work for you?  Finding what works for your writing  Do note that some of what she listed as doesn’t work for her, works for me.   At least one that she lists as does work for her, doesn’t for me.  My eyes glaze over when I use Twitter.    That’s the way it works people.  Find what works for you and forget the rest.

These are big things about the camp.  I’m not even sure why I started it except I did.  I found it in June and pulled out an old plot from old short stories.   End result?  Standing Stone  I am very grateful for that.  The experience of the site and the forums are where the underwhelmed comes in.  What am I doing?  Taking the good which worked and leaving the rest.

Heck I have another book floating around already.  “Cain’s Dessert”  based on this:

Cain was supposed to bring dessert to the potluck…that was his mistake.   –Skippy

It’s going to have to wait its turn.  Now back to the dungeon and my chained MCs who look much happier.  Oh look, here comes the FBI agent.

“For the record,  I’m not fat”

No one ever said you were.  Places.  Action.